My new eSk8 - Psykoboard

Hi guys this is my new esk8 called Psykoboard What do you think about it? :punch: :v: :punch:

Thank you everybody

Hard to say anything with that video. Nice eagle.


video looks well done - are you a film student or trying to kickstarter it?

Specs? Motor / batteries and range / gearing and speed?

My only critique would be to more smoothly integrate the box underneath. More organic curves to match the board symmetry?

What’s the board made of - any function of the downturn nose/tail besides aesthetics?


watched a related video on youtube.

indiegogo project (didn’t search to find page), 16-18mi range claimed, 25mph, all carbon autoclaved deck, dual hub motors, 2 speed BT controller.

Good luck Christian and team!

Looks good, only one problem, you will get almost no pop with your tail and nose upside down like that, just a thought :wink:.

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Yeah, nice eagle, bro.

Here is OP’s IndieGoGo link: Looks a lot cleaner than the majority of IGG campaigns. Good luck, Psykoboard!

Wait… isint that just a chinese rebrand with a custom deck?

This looks very similar to landwheel… just with some stickers on it… that’s a shame.

Same with remote:

Even with the deck being CF and made in italy - if the electronics are landwheel - that’s a big letdown for this price.

@Psykoboard - can you comment?


I thought it would cost something like 400usd but 1299usd. It’s way too much for those weird looking deck tails.


That’s it! I new I saw it before but couldn’t remember exactly what it was.

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