My parents won't let me get an eboard

17 days ago my parents and I made an agreement (in writing with signature) that if I had perfect behavior for 17 days I would be able to buy an eboard with my money. It’s been 17 days and now they changed their mind and think it’s “too dangerous” I made another contract that said I would only ride in safe environments with a helmet under 25mph. Can they even do this!? I’ve wanted an eboard for 2 years and now I have enough money but they won’t let me get it! What should I do?!


Well plead with them, and how old are you? i understand why many would think eboarding is a dangerous sport

Never trust parents.:rofl:


build one. buy pieces bit by bit and then “happen to have all the pieces to build one!”. Like eg my mum didn’t let me have a tv in my room. so i bought a set top box, an hdmi switch and a pc monitor “for my laptop” and "oops hey thats cool, I can have a tv in my room now. trust me, they’ll never know :wink:


Hehe what if you get beat. and your parents forces you to return the parts, and thats what i actually did, i started off with a escooter than i expanded

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I’d love to see this contract (:

But honestly, eboarding can be a v.dangerous activity and your parents are probably just looking out for you.


Cant fully agree with you on that one, i regularly go over 25 on a slight slope in nyc. (on a normal longboard without brakes)

nothing beats a contract to keep your room tidy for a full 365 days…imagine you present this offer to your mom, I think she would then even come get herself a board and take you out for an esk8 session… :slight_smile:


Cars are extremely dangerous too. Do you call that a sport?


Haha great point. so is biking

biking in nyc is a death wish, you have to be going the same speed as cars or else they dont give a fuck about you.


Well they can do that unfortunately, I’d plead with them and kindly ask them if not honering a promise or a contract is something they want to teach you is okay.

In the end they have all the say till you’re 18 or you move out.


Just buy the parts from enertion and your set, returns are impossible. and so are refunds apperantly




Well growing up in a Hispanic house hold if I just purchased something my mom told me not to buy she would throw it in the trash and make me watch as the trash man takes it away.


Well i have it even worse it goes down the chute (only if i get my parents really mad which dosdent happen much id say once a year)

next thing i know my tb dd is going down.


Tell them you want a scooter. Then show them this. They will run to the store for the esk8 PNG


Grounded from computer for a month due to bad influence…:rofl::sob:

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joking aside: I think having a clear discussion with your parents could help. ask them what exactly they are afraid you’d be doing. Educate them on how to mitigate risks for example full face helmet, proper protection gear etc. Perhaps even discuss with them where you would go for a ride. Do any of your friends have e-boards? maybe borrow it and show it to your folks. I think most important is to keep your parents’ fear at bay and you can contribute to that by explaining everything in detail and also convince them, that safety is also your top priority. Do you have good bike paths to run an eboard on?


Where do you live is it a big city? Small town? Alot of cars? Fast drivers and crzy drivers. Theres alot of other things then mabye just the esk8.

I thought you would say by the time he actually gets his parts that he would be moved out and have kids​:joy::joy:


I’ve found bike paths to be pretty dangerous I’ve seen groups of bikers doing 25+mph going that opposite direction as me.going 25

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