My parts listed, give your honest opinion please

Hi! First of all im sorry that i made a new topic but i need advice. Please tell me what ESC would be good enough. I would want to spend about 50-60 euros for ESC. I thought of these batterys and motor.

ESC-??? Motor- Alien 5065 Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 270KV 2200W battery- 2x Turnigy 3300mAh 5S 30C Lipo Pack

If you’re going to run @10s I would recommend getting a slightly lower kv motor.

For your ESC, maybe try one of the dual motor controllers/remote found on ebay. They are FOC and cheap.


Can you give links please? :smile:

Make sure you request 10s.

These look too cheap for me :confused: Im willing to spend bit more then. Can you suggest some better Esc?

@Sanexus I highly suggest that you start reading through the forum. There are plenty of examples of builds that you can copy. Reading and learning is big part of this forum and also trial and error. Many of us have done the experimenting so you don’t have to.

Read. Then ask questions.

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If not this, then my only recommendation is going to be the vesc. You can find them at my site or ollin or DIY or enertion, or johnny meduse

Alien 5065 Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 220KV 2200W, is this better?{%22batt-type-lipo%22:1,%22batt-cells%22:10,%22motor-kv%22:220,%22system-efficiency%22:85,%22motor-pulley-teeth%22:16,%22wheel-pulley-teeth%22:36,%22wheel-size%22:83}|

Better is a relative term. You need to learn what KV means and how it applies to Esk8.

Read more.

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@Sanexus - welcome to the forum! You have a “my parts listed” but only 3 things listed.

You need to read up on some builds - pick one you like - and emulate it. Highest form of flattery…

I typically work back from the deck on a build - am i building a low-rider (like a drop deck - PITA to electrify), a flexy deck (like vanguard - also a PITA to split electronics/batteries so middle can flex), or stiff downhill deck, or cruiser, or kicktail… etc.

Each will have limitations and advantages. If you don’t skate already, or haven’t skated - it can be daunting to pick what you like. Go to a local skate shop and talk to people - let them know you want something to electrify and see if they’ll let you stand on some boards in the shop and get a feel for what you like. I’d caution you to just try stuff out and not buy what they might be pushing. Just see what you like and then talk to the group here. Some local skate shops can push their cheapest board onto you before you know what you really need/want for esk8. Definitely watch out for any trucks besides Caliber II (50’s i’d recommend), and Flywheel’s - both are easiest to electrify later. Paris and other trucks can work but it’s more work to setup and other challenges keeping any round hanger truck from rotating.

Once you have a deck chosen (or style of deck you like) - you then can look at wheels and clearance. Yes you can run 97mm Abec 11 Flywheels on a topmount/kicktail/pintail/etc. BUT you’ll end up with MONSTER risers to clear the wheels so you don’t get wheelbite (i hope you know what this is - pretty important or you get to introduce your face to the road).

The “typical” start is 83mm flywheels btw - get legit flywheels in 75a if you want cushion/butter ride, or save some $ (a lot really) and get some inexpensive clones. Not as plush/soft, but work pretty well.

Now that you have the BASE picked - how to electrify it and selecting components.

Two critical things to let us know before we can suggest any edits to your setup - Your weight, and Is it hilly in your area (and you want to ride up them)? This will help us steer you towards a good single motor setup or dual motor setup.

Now - that’s the primer, and hopefully you understand now why your intro thread is grossly lacking in detail to help you.

Go Read. Then read some more. Then re-read the ones you like. Then come back with a budget, your weight/hills, and componenets you’ve found on other builds you are thinking of using. And keep reading builds (great inspiration) while you wait for someone to respond.

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Somewhat random in @Sanexus’ thread.

Look up a gear calculator. Speed will be tied to voltage (motor kv), wheel size, and gearing. There about 1 million calculators out there… look at

plug and play.

I suggest reading the links above from @Michaelinvegas as well. Get some foundation knowledge built as this has been covered about a gazillion times.

Look forward to helping when you have another question from your research.

My weight is about 95 kg and there is no hills where i live. I would like to spend max 200 Euros and i would take single motor since i would drive in the city most time.

New setup is here give ur opinion about this Battery: two Turnigy 3300mAh 5S 30C Lipo Pack Motor :Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213kv Brushless Outrunner Motor gear: 16T motor pulley and 36T wheel pulley, so gear ratio is 2.25:1 Next thing i want is ESC without breaking the bank, i hope 60-70 euros is enough. Please don’t be mad at me since i am beginner. :slight_smile: :sunny: I plan to put batterys that way i get twice the voltage so everything would be fine

There you go @Sanexus :+1:

Excellent update @Sanexus!


  1. Battery - two 5s 3300mAh in series for 10s 3300mAh won’t give much range. (Watt Hours (Wh) = Voltage (10s 42v) * mAh (Ah). So 42v * 3.3Ah = 138Wh. An approx range is 10Wh = 1km. So 13.8km / 8.5mi. GIven this is an approximate and hard acceleration, weight of rider, hills, etc. will all decrease actual range. I might suggest going to 5000mAh to get at least 10+ miles.

  2. Motor - good motor, but i might get the <200kv motors like 192kv or 170kv version - so that later if you upgrade to VESC it’ll avoid the 60k ERPM limit which can damage the VESC DRV chip.

Another reason to get lower kv motor - crazy top speed. Your suggested (assuming 83mm wheels) = 28.94 mph - 46.58 km/h. (83mm - 213kv - 10s - 16/36t (motor/wheel). Same on 190kv = 25.82 mph - 41.55 km/h, and 170kv = 23.1 mph - 37.18 km/h. (

If you are looking at 60-70 euro, i might suggest squeezing in another few $ and getting a VESC to start with. Much more configurable and able to run higher voltage. You will find it hard to get a hobby / RC Car ESC capable of 10s as you say you want to run 5s in series for higher voltage.

Not mad at you, but appreciate you’ve done a bit more research before posting again. Keep reading and asking questions.


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But when you combine two batterys it doesnt make together 6600mAh?