My remote LCD display

I wanted a wireless display to tell me my speed and battery remaining, so I built one using an Arduino, an HC-05 bluetooth module, and an LCD display from Ebay. I also show the condition of the battery in the remote. It would be easy to add additional fields and add a button to see multiple pages.

This communicates with one of my two VESC controllers on my homemade electric mountain board.

If anyone is interested I’d be happy to share all the details.


Nice and simple, I like it! Do you have a build log or a BOM we can see? I’d be curious to try making one myself!

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That’s pretty damned inventive, good job :slight_smile:

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Would be nice to see the arduino code, yes.

Hi…The Chinese lock everything up so no one can use or copy it. They also make it so we use their Esc. My ideia, because the remote has lots of space would be to unsolder that microcontroller and try to fit an arduino Mini Pro inside, the remote has lots of space, I could just glue it and connect it with wires to the main pcb. Two days ago I figure out that one P series from My battery died and it is at 0V so the following weeks I must work on repair it first so I can ride again and when I have time again I get back to the remote.