My ride for a trip to the rural villages of China | Custom deck | Haggy trucks/mounts | Haggy 6364/74 Motors | 2x focbox | Psychotiller argonaut |

Since last cny when I visited the rural parts of China I’ve been craving to Ride around there but the roads are way too bad for urethane. Normally I like going with smaller wheels, 90mm and below for weight savings and just how nimble they feel compared to 100mm+. But this is going to be an exception because the villages are just too beautiful to to resist riding in. image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Now onto the build, not too sure about how to format this because I’ve never created a thread for other builds before but I’ll try my best.

Parts used:

1x custom deck from the factory that makes evolve’s decks, requested for 10-11 ply of maple so it’s stiff, just the way I like it. Measured in at 16.5mm thick. image image image

2x haggy trucks, mounts, and 6364 motors(measured 80mm length) image image image image

These trucks are beefy, forged then the edges cnc-ed to make sure mounting is a breeze. The cross section of this is probably twice to 3 times that of a caliber. Axles are also 12mm stepped down to 8. Going to do a review on these soon.

4x At hubs from a friend of mine, with integrated 60t pulley image image I’ll be buying new tires and tubes for it, since I feel like these solid ones aren’t so good.

2x focbox,

Battery to be determined, I have been looking at a123’s lifepo pouches, 20ah each and 200-300a discharge I’ll only need 12 of them. Either this or some good old Samsung 30qs.

Enclosure: Eyeing @psychotiller ‘s argonaugt enclosure, but due to me forgetting my bank token back in Singapore when I packed yesterday for my flight I have no way to pay for them… fuck. Back to the drawing board.

More pictures will be incoming in the next few weeks


Beautiful pics. I need therapy tho. I see a dick at the first one. My mind must be twisted.


Thanks man, your mind isn’t twisted… that’s a 5meterkuk I drew for fun :smile:


Why does every story start with a big dick?

Nice build though!:metal:


That’s life brother

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Update: ditching the 6 inch tyres in favor of 8 inch, realised 6 inch is way to small for off-roading but it’s a great size for shitty roads. But the hubs don’t fit bigger tyres so gotta buy another set. Will probably keep the 6 inch and slap on some six shooter tyres for city riding.

Also, found my token but the screen got squashed. Stupid plastic shit. They should make it out of metal so my fat ass doesn’t break the damn thing every time I sit down. Luckily I found another way to pay for psychotiller’s argonaut! Fuckin sweet.

Battery wise I am still on the fence, sipping some hot Chinese tea Everyday for a few minutes pondering this dilemma.

Should have more progress and pictures by next week :smile:


So I managed to order the enclosure in the end! Can’t wait.

Also, I’ve decided to go with prebuilt packs from Chinese moped battery makers, coming in at 10s 26ah, and 60a continuous discharge. should give me at least 40 km of range.

image image image image image

More stuff arrived, tires feel awesome


More stuff came in a few days ago, batteries and some random parts like screws and replacement haggy motors(had to go to the airport to get it from customs … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: fuck Chinese customs) because the previous set had some weird sounds. Mounted the battery using a method I thought up of a year back ( patent pending :joy::joy::joy:), still need to apply padding and Velcro strips on the bottom to stop the battery from sliding forward and back

Ran out of masking tape so had to use electrical tape to mark the enclosure areas image image image image image


Which AT street tires are those? they look amazing…

Cheap AliExpress 6x2. Or much better Bergemeister from @riverside.rider

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image image image image image image image image image image image image Uploading: 4EF2C1DD-1423-437E-BCE7-01BA701619FD.jpeg… image image

Some photos from the trip.

The drive train from haggy is superb, other than grub screws on pulley came loose on first ride it handled my abuse seriously well. I run without grub screws now fine because it’s d shaped with spacer against motor and c clip on the other side. Not coming off any time soon but there’s some clicking without the grub screw. Tensioning system is awesome, mounts are rock solid, motors run super cool with the internal fan.

I was going to write a longer review but being busy and procrastination won, sorry timo.

Overall I think this is the best complete drivetrain you can get at the 500-700 dollar price point, with equally great support from @riverside.rider. Good job mate

A bit of a break for me from esk8 as of now, gotta burn off some of the calories I consumed during Chinese New Year. Great feasts everyday. Bought a mountain bike and was instantly hooked. Maybe after I’ve lost one or two flaps on my belly I will start eskating again


Thanks for the good review @12meterkuk. You still had the 15T pulleys with the m3 grub screw. I have had a new batch made with m4 screws, which are much easier to tighten down. Are you still in Shanghai or back in Singapore? Where should I send them? Even though the c-clip prevents the pulley from getting off the motor shaft, I do not recommend riding it without the grub screw.

Let me know and best regards Timo

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Looks like a great build! I’m planning on building something very similar to this with the Haggy 2 in 1 Kit as well. Unfortunately, I’m very new to this DIY stuff and so I was hoping you’d be able to tell me a bit about the batteries you’ve chosen. What is the performance like, any battery sag, link to where you bought them from etc… I’m planning on building basically the same build as you, just need a bit of guidance on the batteries, BMS, etc so if you could tell me anything about that, it’d be a great help! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey timo I’m still in shanghai, will be back in Singapore April

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Simplest way is to run the drive train with a focbox unity and a battery pack from a reputable builder on the forums