My second build :) and what I have and my plans and questions

this post is three parts-

  1. List of stuff sitting at my house
  2. List of stuff I think I will get
  3. !And Questions I Have! You can skip to section 3 :slight_smile:

I already made one but I think I want to make another. On the last one I just switched for 12s to 6s if someone else wanted to try it. I have some stuff laying around my house from my last build and just brainstorming here and would be grateful for any experience you could add to help me from learning the hard way.

--------List of Stuff sitting at my house - * VESC and all the cables to go with it * Programming Card Since the last one I made I didnt use the VESC * ABEC 97mm Flywheels - These will be 20mm bigger than last build * Drop Deck Longboard (99% sure this is not what I will use and will end up getting a different deck since nothing fits under there lol but I do need to find a deck that is stable at high speeds since my last one could go pretty fast and this one will probably go faster considering the larger motor/gearing ratio/wheels) * Freeboard (seen some posts here with them put together but also 99% sure this will not be what I use… brainstorming) * I have 2 - 12s 5000mah 50c lipos or in reality 4 6s totaling 10000 or more mah - plenty of energy to get me from my commute home to work and back. but they are long and BIG! but not too big i think aprox. 2.5"x2.5"x12"
* HiTec x4 ac Plus - This may not be relevant but maybe for someone really new or something * .080 Kydex for making an enclosure like this … I still cant find the exact brass screws though … the ones I have are cheaper looking thumb screws. and his are are 10-24 and mine are all 6-32 … hopefully being one size smaller they will still work as well.

---------List of Things I think I may be getting for this one- * Pulley kit - the Motor pulley is the same amount of teeth as the last one I made but the wheel pulley will be 36t instead of 39… not sure how much of a difference that will make but I have also considered getting more teeth on the motor pulley. * 6374 190kv Motor - on my last board I went from a high kv small motor that didnt have very much torque to a bigger motor with lower 190kv - so this is the same kv as the last just a hair longer though * Transmitter&Receiver - I tried 3 transmitters last time * ESC - Maybe I wont use my VESC that I have laying around… I will need to be spoon fed on getting the VESC to work because I am not good with those kind of things. * UBEC - it came already hooked up last time i ordered it with with the esc which was nice

First off thank you to everyone who helped me with my first board whether you know you helped me or not from direct information or from what you have posted! @torqueboards, @onloop @chaka, @psychotiller, @stealth71, @evoheyax, @ChuckhobbytownUSA, @lox897, @Mikeomania12, @laurnts ---------- Questions I have - First three Questions are all kind of the same question really 1.Suggested mount- I have read a dozen posts on the motor mount and I don’t want any of that headache. The loosening,Welding, Cracking, Breaking and everything else. I will buy whatever trucks/entire deck that will help me avoid motor mount problems. Every time I think i decided on a mount I read one more review or post that makes me reconsider. if I had to choose this very second it would maybe be @psychotiller 's but I wanted to ask for input on this first since I have a Big Battery and a Big Motor. 2. Suggested Trucks - for the mount 3. or suggested complete board with trucks and everything - for the mount 3. there is not a 6374 with a higher kv value on DIY site and although I probably wont use all the speed on flat or downhill my favorite thing is being able to carve UPHILL!!!! I LOVE IT! suggestions? 4. I have had several people ask me to build them one or one for their kid- any legal issues I should be worried about or anything/advice? 5. as you can tell I am wasting some money here with my lack of knowledge - what would you suggest to make my build better… and I am going to edit this soon after i start getting some feedback so the whole world doesn’t know how big of a n00b i am… unless you can talk me out of editing it …

THANK YOU ALL in advance :slight_smile:

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or just PM me Thx

  1. IMO enertion’s is bullet proof and the best one out there.
  2. Caliber 2
  3. 190kv on 10s should be plenty of speed.
  4. Google the laws for your area. I’d limit it to 20-25kph, that’s like 15mph. It is safer that way.

I have enertion mount with calliber 2 trucks works great, no complaints. However I believe all other motor mounts are pretty much reliable. 190KV is my motor selection, speed and insane torque. 25kph is a general safety speed limit rule in which you will easily get over with 190kv 10s setup. I could also reach 25kph with 190kv 6s, so please be ware with speed limit.

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Trucks- White pony and others have been touting and working on DIY Ronin truck they say head and shoulders above caliber and Paris if you are looking for DIY type stuff.

Motor - 63__ 190kv is becoming an unofficial standard plenty of power and with the right power source plenty of umpf for 25+ mph which is carving cruising limit

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do I have to do THIS to my trucks with the evolve drive gears also or just with the enertion? I Dont know if i want to start sawing apart my trucks like they do in that video.

Enertion and evolve pulleys with bearings inside them will have to use cut hangers. Unless you are using Enertion trucks which are pre cut

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Nice - looks like you have a lot of good stuff for this and future builds!

If you are in vegas - why don’t you hook up with @Michaelinvegas? He can show you some of his setups and you can see exactly what you like?

I personally:

  1. DIYes, Enertion, other’s (DIYes most flexibility and still rock solid, Enertion second and great, but less flexibility on deck choice and angles/clearance)
  2. Caliber II’s for sure or Ronin if you fab an adapter for the motor mount.
  3. 190kv or maybe 170kv (few out there). Even 149 is great - i like lower kv motors w/ higher voltages.
    • same w/ Lox. Cool person - maybe sign a simple release of liability as extra CYA.
    • just parts for future builds, or guest boards, or sell them to someone starting out later… Nothing wrong w/ being a noob… All good questions and good for others to learn along with you.

Best of luck!

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Lox! You Are seriously the coolest! thanks for all of your help and all of it being fast help too! :slight_smile: so I am guessing these ones since they are the only ones that I could find on the enertion site… it doesnt say anything about one side being different than the other or if they can do dual (even though I am doing single for now) I just want to confirm with you on these.

I am thinking about asking for a customized mono kit since I wont need the 83mm Wheels

I would have got DIYs kit for 50 cheaper but I want the Enertion mount. AND I feel like I owe onloop something for having this amazing forum!

sl33py! Thank you for the thorough response and ya I did pm Michael about meeting up we just havent got to it yet :slight_smile: … so did you end up sawing your caliber 2’s? I know there is about 20 bucks to be saved there if you do it yourself to get your drive gear to fit. and I am going to have to look up this adapter? for the mount?

Yep those are the ones. Sounds good! Enertion’s mount is rock solid. I ride with a dude who has a TB mount and he prefers the Enertion.

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At the bottom of Torqboards website it says "We noticed many of our customers are looking for a pre-welded motor mount solution. I’m proud to now announce that we will start having pre-welded single and dual motor mount kits available for purchase."

So since these are not out yet has anyone seen any other options and how much they cost???

or would anyone recommend against it?

I could be wrong, but I think that part of the website is outdated. I haven’t heard any mention of weld on mounts for a long while. I’m sure it’s been mentioned somewhere that welding weakens the trucks as well. Maybe @torqueboards can clear this up for you.

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Ok that makes sense why I coulnt find much information on that… And Congrats on winning that dual motor mount in your other post! that looks cool… I tried to comment there but it wouldnt let me for some reason

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@KlethBane - Yeah, no welded trucks anymore. The bolt on setups allow for more convenience and adjustment.

You can try our bolt on motor mounts. We’ve since added 2x Set Screws on our truck clamps which make them rock solid. Rock solid or your money back. :slight_smile:


@Michaelinvegas @ekitesurfer hey I just finished - just gotta program it - but I have a three day weekend here… when is your next get together?

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I have the kids all weekend so hard for me to get out unless I plan ahead or very last minute …

Think mark is working

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Yep, can’t ride… next time plan ahead and there are some epic bike paths in Boulder city

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OK so here are my problems so far - For some reason when I use the brake sometimes I will find that i cant throttle all the way back up to full speed until i turn the board off and then back on again. - actually that is my biggest problem for now and the others seem real minor. I would just like to be able to brake since I have such big wheels on here now and it goes so much faster than my last build that it really becomes a lot more of process to get the thing to stop rolling.

I was going to ask torque boards about what I ordered last time compared to this time… since last time I had two power cables coming out and now I only have one coming out of the SBEC/UBEC or whatever i got this time. Not a real big deal because I am sure I can figure something else out for my lights that I haven’t ordered yet.(still looking at what options i have)

also not a big deal but I can only thread three of the screws through my drive wheel and the other three don’t line up.

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Three bolts for the wheel pulley should be fine as long as you loctite them. Not sure about vesc issue. Pic of UBEC please

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