My Second-Ish Build Being 12 Years Old... | TB 6374 | 12s 8000Mah | TB VESC |

It all started when I was eleven actually… :joy: When I came across a boosted board advertisement, I clicked on it, but soon realized that it was almost 2K back then! I thought to myself… How can I have an electric skateboard that I would actually be able to afford? So I came across this forum…

I read for months on info on how to build an electric skateboard. Learnt how to solder, program a VESC, drill stuff, how to wire batteries in series, wire a BMS… and the list goes on. And after a bit over a year of saving up every penny I had, I felt like it was time to start my journey! Right when I turned twelve, I ordered the basics to get on the road, no bms or any fancy stuff, just the batteries, VESC, and motor, with a food container. :laughing:

After about 4 months of building, with some help with my dad, I built this:

This was over the summer, so when 7th Grade started, I had to change by Eboard Layout so that it fit in my 36 inch locker.

So, after about two months with my V1.0 layout, I uprgraded to V2.0 :smile:

I’ve been skateboarding/penny boarding three years prior to starting my Eboard adventure, and Longboarding for a bit over a year prior. I could hit a max speed of 35MPH in this config, but I didn’t hit that speed in the beginning, I stuck to around 30MPH with my FF :sweat_smile:

I changed a couple things over the next six months, like how I mounted the batteries for more clearance, and some drivetrain upgrades too. I felt like I wanted to change up my board, because with around $800 of my own hard worked cash spent on the board in the beginning, with 12 year-old mounting and building skills, it was somewhat starting to break down… So, I upgraded my board a couple weeks ago. :smile: I decided to be quite ambitious and install a full, charge/discharge Bestech BMS, a custom enclosure by @psychotiller, new and bigger batteries, and some other extras that would make my board look more professional, well somewhat at least. :sweat_smile: So, after around two weeks of shocking myself while wiring (only once :joy: ), and stress with wiring the BMS, I had it finished! And it sure does look great!

By now, I replaced everything except the TB VESC and the Motor that have been holding strong for almost a year now on 12S…

So, I think i’m going to keep this new config for a while now because I gotta start saving up for some other things, like my car and stuff. :joy: Maybe I’ll switch to dual config… but that’ll be in the next year or so.

So, after $1400 spent over the course of almost two years, I have reached this… Top speed of 32MPH, REALLY good startup torque because of me being light and because of the 12s, and a 20 mile range.

I’d like to thank this whole forum for helping me out in answering some of my questions in the beginning of building my Electric skateboard, I couldn’t have built this Board without this forum! :grinning:

Specs: TB 6374 Motor 190KV TB Vesc 4 - Heatsinks installed because I live in a quite hilly area 15mm Drive train 15/40 Bestech BMS 2x 6S 8000Mah Graphene batteries wired in series. 97mm Flywheel clones (Upgrading to Genuines soon) BT Module HM-10 Speed: 32MPH Range: 20Miles


You’re awesome young man.


This is one reason why common DC components like the DRV8302 are rated 60V or 63V max – because above that, getting shocked can kill you. DC and AC are totally different things. 60V and 63V are common maximum ratings for electronics components. It’s also one reason why it’s so hard to go above 11S,12S,13S because the entire circuit (ESC) has to be redesigned in a more expensive way. And it would be a lot more dangerous.


Thanks for understanding the importance of a helmet!!


Yeah. Never ride without it. I got a long way ahead of me, It’d suck to lose it all just because of no helmet.


It’s cool to know other young people are on the fourm I started when I was 14.


:ok_hand:Good job!


how tf did you manage to afford that pc setup tho?


Craigslist :joy: Oh, And a whole lot of saving up and waiting for deals.

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How can you afford to build your second e-sk8 and have that awesome gaming setup, at the age of 12???

I feel sorry for your parents :joy:


Awesome build Brontech! Also, did you make a build thread or something like that with all the parts and stuff that you used and how you built it?

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Dude you are awesome!! I basically made an account just to say that :joy:. I’m almost 30 and just now getting into eskating. Wish I had that kind of ambition when I was 12, keep it up bro and be safe out there!

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Nice!! Livin’ the dream

and i thought i was doing well…


You are a genius at your age. Of fucking course you are doing well.


aww stop youre gonna make me blush :relaxed:

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