My skills have upgraded my full susp. el. bike

Just got done verifying my build. buttoned it up and am now FULL charging, to get the maximum equality from the get go. I hear it can take many hours to balance. Particularly as I went daly, 48v, 15a bypassed. That means I have a low rated balance circuit, better suited to a 15a discharge etc.

I will post some pic tomorrow. VERY custom shape. It is literally wedged, ISH, into the space alloted. NO RATTLE. I fit 13s5p GA cells. It worked out in miraculous fashion, as I used crude tools. As I still havent retrieved my tools, years later, THANKS COVID.

So, I fit 13s5p into a radically abreviated triangle, and all systems are go.

Why did I go to this trouble? My original batt was a fire waiting to happen. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bms, NONE. I charged to 80%, and discharged to 40%. It still degraded the batt. And, it recided where the front tire at the radical extremes, contacted the batt enclosure, and scrubbed the paint right off.

So now, with NO rattle, of the entire battery matrix, [I used the plastic 18650 holders, and shaped them to what fit], and now will run them all open to ventilation. My coverplates, which still are to do, will use magnets to situate and retain.

My bike is vastly more powerful now. And more importantly, adheres to best practices. Especially batt wise. Although, I have no anti spark, the head unit on the bafang bbsd handles on and off.

I cruise on 3 or 4 of nine stages of PAS. At 30mph. I help as much as I can. I have heart failure.

But my batt was a disaster waiting to happen, and till then, it was hobbled by bad design. Bad wiring and not balanced in any respect.

NOW, the battery is solid, it is immovable, and will put out amps.

Bike is full suspension, fox float in rear, fox 36mm talas front forks. VERY trick, especially considering I built it from bare frame.

Pics to follow tomorrow. It is 36 to 37 pounds, which is unheard of, for even a low rated powerplant. Mine is top rated components, and customized to fit. It is alum frame, which is far better, for ebike.

The bike was Euro, which means it actually had suspension, not like americans, which judge any movement as not performance. Till they have a rigid frame, like they started.

Mine is custom designed from the start to incorporate movement in all sectors. PLUSH.

And rigid.

And so, I will use the bike, for all trips longer than three miles.

It is now state of the art. And pretty too.

Thanks to this website, I have the knowhow to make any battery I choose, and make it safe and powerful.

PICS to come.

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I used a heatgun to shape two pieces of abs. I have some textured black, that I will fashion coverplates. These will be held in place with magnets. I embedded a deans plug for charge. The batt is held in place with sticks, using high bond tape. I will leave the batt open, no fish paper, or kapton, so it cools well. Got fat carbon wheels. Huge schwalbes. Should get a true forty miles, on pas.

Anything close to this capability, is AT LEAST fiftyfive pounds, if not far more. It has roller bearings in the shock ends. I go thirty mph, no problem all day long, and sip fuel. I built a custom mount for controller.

batt is a 13s5p ga cells. 17.5ah.

Test ride went perfectly. What used to be anemic thrust on 3 pas, is now strong. And, best of all, very little sag. I hhave to reset the wheel circumference. It is reading a little low on mph, when I changed location of sensor.

Also, it used to be very compromised in travel of susp. now it is ready to go full dirt. Full travel front and rear.

Nice build