My thoughts on RKP vs TKP

I found many article explains RKP with word “better geometry” therefore use on longboarding for satbility.

none of the articles I read explains what better geometry is,

But I think it comes down to trucks movement in relation the the deck.

RKP moves back and forth in order to turn Where as TKP moves up and down in order to turn due to the position of Bushing, hence “Geometry”.

I think this difference what makes TKP not stable since u will be more divy(up and down) which body will be hard time balancing in high speed.

Also I think RKP dampens vib more as the pivot stays angle and let bushing takes more impact.

Is this right?


I don’t know what you’re even saying, No offence I just don’t understand but its common knowledge RKP is more stable.

Yeah common knowledge! That’s the problem, all the article just say it is more stable. and if ask why they blindly say “geomatry”. which I think refers to bushing and pivot position. but they dont explain why those position makes differences.

which is what I’m trying to figure out.


I’ve had RKP and TKP and I can easily tell you RKP is more stable.

my bad i edited, i meant to say tkp is not stable

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It’s a decent explanation, the basics teach you about angles etc, The angle/degree of a RKP and TKP truck is different so the pressure on the bushings is also different.

Tkp flaps, rkp wobbles. . Over powering a flap is hard unless your a pumper at heart.

Over powering a wobble can be done with a carve just lean.

For a person with out ankle control, tkp at speed is alot more violent and harder to tame.

Both can be stable at speed, but one is harder to over powering when it starts controlling you vs you controlling it. Rkp is easier to overcome. So it is more “stable” or it’s ability to be controlled in a stable manner is easier.


Flap vs wabble interesting!


I would further add, when NOT at speed TKP is.more comfortable as the leans and carves are more fluid (linear) than RKP…which is why I like them.


They both have great positives. TKP vastly increases stability as width increases. Grip as well, where rkp looses grip as width increases. They’re great trucks when they are made right(surfrodz).

But yeah @onepunchboard I mean the deck itself kind of flaps back and forth, remove the bushings and push the deck by itself on a tkp and it ‘flaps’ in mostly a straight line

Where a rkp deck if you remove the bushings and push the deck wobbles back and forth like a slithering snake.

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I rode RKP forever because everyone, and I mean everyone, said they were better. I was broke so I didn’t wanna spend money in something that wouldn’t perform.

I eventually bought a pair or Surf Rodz TKPs from @psychotiller because they looked so damned cool and his mounts had the stability infiund lacking in others. I can’t go back now. I’m not saying all RKPs are better than TKPs under 20moh, but the SR TKPs are better than any other truck I’ve ridden…under 20mph.


It’s all in bushings seat and nose of the pivot. Surfrodz or indeez 215s are the only tkp truck I’d ever roll on…and they are amazing.most other tkp feel dead to me…(but I’m definitely an rkp guy)

Edit: talking about longboarding and speed specifically…not popsicle decks.


I feel the same. I’ll eventually get a set of the Surf Rodz RKPs just for the hell of it but I can’t imagine they would be any better.

I’ve got a pretty untraditional bushing setup on my Evo with SR TKPs but I’m fairly certain it was needed because bof the deck and not the trucks. But all that aside it rides awesome now and I couldn’t be happier.


That’s an rkp and it slithers like a snake, but good video…he actually said something good too that differentiate tkp vs rkp.

Tkp wants to go straight. Rkp wants to be in a turn…

But imagine a board that is flapping like the rkp in the video without nearly as much turn… And going straight. You have no centrifugal force pressing you down against the board in the lean…as it’s going straight. so it feels violent without the “planting” effect of the centrifugal force.

I like the SR TKP the best also… Crazy because nobody would even buy those trucks either for ESK8.

At least I don’t see many people buying them. Can’t beat that price at $120 for a set!


They are pretty great, just got a new set for my @treenutter bludgeon.


Yeah, it is funny. People will spend twice as much on wheels/decks as they will on a pair of trucks. I think that’s what Wayne from SurfRodz mentioned before lol.


Same. About to pull the trigger on a new set (all gold RKP’s on a blackout bludgeon). Literally just ordered the altar wedge from @psychotiller too. Waiting on the exchange rate to dip a bit further before ordering batteries…

Back on topic. SR RKP’s with @Alphamail’s bushings are SWEET. So much better than RKP calibers. They’re just fun to ride.


TKPs have a heck a lot of rake/axle offset and don’t engage the busings as directly because they’re not at a perpendicular angle to the angle of rotation. AKA on RKPs the kingpin is ~90 deg to the pivot axis where as TKPs its a much more shallow angle.

Thats basically the only difference.

The better bushing engagement of the RKP means that it has a much stronger center and more progressive resistance, where as TKPs are usually described as divey.

The added axel offset means that the front has rake, essentially the opposite of caster. Forward motion of the deck makes the truck eager to enter a turn.

Edit: Pivot axis is actually not drawn correctly on the TKP, but still demonstrates the point. zzzz Correct pivot axis is in blue.