My top speed going down

Hi everyone Ok just why my top speed going down when my battery going down (it is the battery sag) and can I do something (don’t tell me charge the battery lol) Bc i know some board don’t get the battery sag Thank you for your help

nothing you can do. As battery goes down, so does voltage. Lower voltage = lower speed But for sag, upgrade to 30Q

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Speed is based off rpm per volt. Less battery volts less rpm

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Can you tell us what battery your using

Also a recent post exactly like this one

12s7p Samsung 30Q

Um what’s your set up you should not experience voltage sag so much on something like that lol wat… I got 12s6p 30q and I dont remotely experience voltage sag till around 20% life and its a 4wd build

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I’m like 60A max -60 Battery max 60a And min 15 For each motor

My speed slow down slowly like 100% battery top speed 39mph 50% battery 36mph I think And 20% 31mph

What is your set up motor, build ,vesc ?

Sk3 Vesc 6 Mountain board

KV of motors, I just think Its a mountain board and those suckers like juice lots so that’s why people go with lipos instead and yes they may get more range but the volage sag is not there I think not a mountain board exspert here

192kw 10char

Try changing motor settings to 80/-80. That ought to do it. If motor and battery settings are equal, you’ll feel the speed die with the battery, I believe. @Deckoz …?

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