My Trampa caught fire last weekend

I’ve been building eboards for almost 2 years now, the level of dedication I put each one is crazy, a lot of effort and time, the quality of the workmanship had also been increasing on every new build, so I can say I’m no newbie but neither an expert, obliously.

I was riding my Trampa Street Carver this weekend and after riding through a brick road I started hearing sparks on my board, I was able to brake normally, remote command were still working, stepped down the board to see this horrible scene:

I’m really glad it didn’t happen on my 16th floor apartment with my baby sleeping next door or at my work with a lot of expensive cars around, fortunately nobody got injured and no property was dammaged, it happened on a bike path downtown, I even got help from the some City Hall officers

Nevertheless, I feel bummed and really sad. The level or impotence watching your board burn while there’s nothing you can do to stop, it’s just too much for your feelings, like watching a puppy crying for help and all you can do is watch him die slowly.

I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened, I’ve been runing this board for 5 months 7 days a week.

I was hesitant to post this on a public forum as don’t want to be the guy responsible to banning the circulation of our beloved boards on public places, but most important I think we should all be aware of the dangers of batteries and learn from my experience to try to minimize this possibility to all you brothers.

The board was freaking bengala, I though lithium ion batteries were safer than lipos but when something goes wrong, these energy containers burn like gunpowder.

The aftermath

Btw my eboard didn’t have a fuse, I’m going to put one on all my boards, not sure it could have prevent it though

This is how I remember you, my most beloved eboard… RIP


This is really sad. :frowning: I’d make a bet the intense rattling of the bricks had something to do with it. Please let us know if you can narrow down the source

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:scream: I can’t even imagine having to watch it happen… What battery was it? If diy got pics of the construction?

Oh no :flushed: Probably a short in the battery? Maybe a nickelstrip came loose? Anyways, sorry for your loss dude.

Pictures of the battery construction:


Were these strips covered before install? If they weren’t, maybe they cut into the balance leads?


Are those bulletconnectors from the on/off switch soldered to the batteries? I’ve just started my first battery build but I would not want that kind of weight weighing down on just a solder.

I’m probably way off as usual :innocent:

You think the flex finally got to the battery? Thought the compartments would help keep things localized but damn whole board caught :fire:

I’ve shorted those balance leads and they fuse out.

if any cell in the pack shorted and started thermal runaway it would potentially heat the adjacent cell, cause venting, whose gases are highly flammable.

Sorry for your lost, I felt so sad just by looking at those pics. As I experienced this in my first build when one of my screw punctured one of my lipo pack. And whoops $300 down to the drain, but mine is way less than your lost. Hope you will get better and come back with another awesome build.

I’ve seen a balance lead short, get welded and all the insulation burn off…it was caught before going any further.

This is hearbreaking man… :scream_cat::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face: I’m so sorry for your loss! :((

sorry to hear that bro!

So sad to read that. She was a looker, definitely!

That really sucks, but glad nobody was hurt. Yikes! She was a beauty.

If I were to venture a guess at the cause, I’d think that maybe the thick, main wires crossing over the flex sections, that connect the batteries in different compartments to each other, slowly had the insulation worn through from the deck flexing against them, and eventually shorted. To me, it looks like there isn’t much space between the deck and the flex sections of the enclosure for those thick wires to pass through without getting pinched. If that were the case, the constant deck flex could repeatedly smash the wires until three insulation wire off. I wouldn’t think a balance lead shorting would be the culprit since the tiny wire would just vaporize itself, which I’ve accidentally done on one of my Lipo packs, and sort of act like it’s own fuse. But if those main connecting wires had the insulation worn through and shorted, they could sustain some serious current for long enough to start that fire. That might explain the sparking sounds after riding over the bricks as the exposed wires finally shifted enough to cause intermittent shorting to start the chain reaction.

On another note, between the cracking Trampa trucks, and at least two crispy BBQ Esk8’s, just in this thread alone, I’m starting to think that those MBS all terrain wheels might be cursed. :skull_crossbones: Call me superstitious, but I’m gonna go take those wheels off my boards before something evil happens. :japanese_goblin: :laughing:


Dam not good kinda heart breaking and i dont even own the board :sob:…glad you are OK thats the main thing… :thumbsup:

sucks… tough brake dude :scream:

vibration in what Jenso thought caused his roxxy esc’s to :fire: resonant vibrations are tough to deal with… set everything in a block of epoxy maybe… lol

Sad to see this happen,
One of the trampa build inspiration…

Glad didnt happen in your home…

Sorry for your loss bro. Such a beautiful board. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I have opened my Enertion Space cell once And was able to see Lots of Silicone acting as a Insulator between batteries and sides of enclosure,and also to space balance wiresin place.