My Trampa DIY building plan

Hi all,

I’m planning to build my own Trampa DIY, but before i will buy all the stuff (new or used) I want to check with you if everything is ok. And also some question to make my build good en compleet.

My big inspiration for this build is: @Daniloquacquarelli . Thanks for the good ideas :slight_smile:

List of parts:

  • Deck: Trampa HS11 16 ply deck @trampa
  • Enclosure: HS11 /HolyPro 35 DS @Eboosted
  • Trucks: Infinity ATB spring trucks @trampa
  • Springs: barrels @trampa
  • Tyres: 8 Inch 5 Spoke SUPERSTART/ URBAN TREADS Tyres 6.5 Inch @trampa
  • ESC: Dual FSESC6.6 200A @flipskytech01
  • Motors: 2 x 6374 190 KV Motors @flipskytech01
  • Anti spark: Anti spark Switch Smart Enhanced 200A @flipskytech01
  • Battery: 12S8P Samsung 30q
  • Remote: VX2 Pro @flipskytech01
  • Drive: Dual Direct Drive MTB Trampa (1:5 Gearing) @Nowind
  • BMS: FPM (FPML12S150F873)
  • Charger: ?

I think i have all the necessary stuff in the list. But if you can see, i’m still looking for a good BMS and a charger to charge this beast. I have a charger for my RC, maybe i can use this one, but i’m not sure. The charger what i have now is a HTRC T240 DUO.

If I have something wrong in this build, please let me know. I am new to this and want to learn. So, any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

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If you plan to go off road and ride on trails I would not go for a under board tray. Impacts are happening all the time and the ride is half the fun if you always worry about the impacts. Think about it for a while before making your final decision.


Thanks Trampa for the tip. My planning is not to go off road for jumps or other pro stuff. I would usually be on the road or on a gravel path or a forest path. Or enjoy touring through the city.

Gravel and forest is already impact prone terrain. Gravel is thrown up by the wheels, forest roads are full of sticks, rocks, potholes, puddles etc. Top mount is simply worry free.


The enclosure is very strong it will hold rocks and gravel from the path. You are good to go.


Part choice seems all right. Something to look out for: Deck ply. How heavy are you? I am ~70kg and have the HS11 16ply. In my opinion it has more than enough flex. But that may be a matter of taste. If you have an under board enclosure more ply is definitely safer. That being said, if you don’t do jumps or ride straight through the woods, an under board enclosure will be fine, the bottom of my deck is the only part that isn’t covered in mud.

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I’m living in the Netherlands, so no big rocks here. but the tip is good to think about.

@Benjo, i’m around 75/80kg and i have check Trampa website for the ply on the HS11, so I don’t know if this is good or to light. I don’t want to flex, but also not to stiff. I will do more speed then off road, so I don’t want to have a wobble by high speed, but I like the comfort of the flex.

@Eboosted; thanks for letting me know about the enclosure!

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The barrels will help you with speed wobbles.

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Is this instead of the standard springs?

If you look at the table you will see that you are at the end of the range for 15 ply with 80kg. 16 would be better in my opinion.

This is the flexometer what i have seen. First I also was thinking about 16ply, but the flexometer says 15ply. But I will do your advice. Thanks :slight_smile:

I would go with 2x Maytech 200A VESC style instead of Flipsky, better track record for consistency and I have yet to be almost killed by a maytech.

You are right, that is a somewhat different scale I think.

All I can say is that if I am standing on my board with my 70kg I can make it flex a few centimeters up and down by bending my knees and extending them again (no idea how you call this. Like jumping up and down, but not really going into the air and also only very gently) :smile: that’s the right amount for me, might be different for you. Search a bit for different plys on the forum and also on to see what others have. Good luck with your build anyway.

You can always throw some thin plastic on there or a coating of some kind.

Undermounted works for most esk8s, more of a worry of water intrusion especially after getting months of beatings.

@itsrow; do you have bad experiences with Flipsky ESC? Normally I like to keep the brand close to each other for the best communication between the components. Please let me know your experience. I have chosen Flipsky because I think this is the best value for money, but I can be wrong.

@Benjo; Thanks for the tip. On the form it is hard to find this kind of info, everybody is using the board different. But i also think the 16 ply would be better. Maybe @trampa can help with this? just to be sure!.

@Fosterqc; can you tell me what you mean? My idea is to make the enclosure waterproof and the motors are also waterproof (I read this somewhere).

I’m still looking for the best BMS and charger… I have now for my RC the HTRC T240 DUO charger, but don’t know if this works. for the BMS i’m thinking on a Deligreen 12s or a Balance Protect Circuit PCM BMS, see below: Also i don’t know how much amp i need for the BMS? can somebody help me with this?

BMS%201 BMS%202

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It should work just fine. Not sure about the waterproof claim on that Flipsky outrunner though.

There is more info out there on proper enclosure sealing somewhere.

The FSESC 4.12 Single and now 4.20 dual should be pretty solid, Id go with Maytech because i trust the brand more, different strokes.

@Fosterqc & @itsrow thanks, i will certainly investigate this.

Do you also know something about the BMS and the charger?