My Trampa DIY building plan

Don’t take a HW4 design (4.12/20). It doesn’t have a linear acceleration due to the two shunt design. It will basically go full throttle at 80%.

Thanks, this is good te know!

With roll to start, power switch and auto power off.


I have both situation boards, one Holypro top mount with Trampa barrels, and it is pure fun and joy to ride on and off roading. My personal everyday use board, is a street carver from Trampa with @Eboosted 12s8p battery and enclosure. My wife like to go riding and I had no issues whatsoever with any board. My suggestion will be to get bigger wheels, I am saving for 10 inches with big hubs for my daily ride. And there is nothing that can beat a Vesc 6…

Can you adjust the barrels in any way or is their stiffness just as it is?

Nope…but I don not need to do that…they work great for both of us…Im 77 kg and she is 50kg…Full throttle, close turns…they are great indeed

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Does anybody knows where to get the honey shape griptape? or is this all custom made?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hexagon grip lol

Also someone else, bkb?

Finally :star_struck: Thanks. so simple so hard to find if you don’t know the correct name.

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hi @Rinze! Have you finished your board?

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thanks @trampa for the suggestions, I have been running for many months with this board, already making some changes, 9 "wheel, spacers for the trucks, I am very good on the road or on the dirt road, I have no woods from me, but the battery case is really resistant , then maybe someday I’ll take it over to the deck. thank you all

Yes it is done!

See the pictures below:



Beautiful build…Nicely done, sir. :grin:

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