My trucks are too long

So I bought TORQUE trucks 218mm (2 pairs). And they seemed too long for my ABEC flywheels, because there was a space between the wheel and the truck tip. So what I did to fill that gap is add a spacer and 2 washers, it filled it perfectly. Do you think it was a good idea? Or can it bring any damage to my board?

I’ve seen that type of DIY before. Adding a spacer that’s made for skateboards is fine. Not sure on regular washers however…

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You can take apart old used bearings and the inner race works great as a spacer. (Youtube has instructions on how to disassemble bearings) Just use whatever spacers you need. I would make sure they fit tight on the axle and don’t wobble around. You don’t want things coming loose at speed.

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Ok thank you so much! Because I was thinking of shiping back, but I’m guessing my plan isn’t so bad afterall, you’re a real help