My unity seems to be dead :( any idea?

It’s a build that wasn’t finished yet, I was about to close the enclosure and just before, I turned the board on, pushed the trigger on the remote, suddenly I heard strange little sound from the motors and that’s it - unity seems to be kind of bricked. It turns on and have lights, however, no communications with it via USB, motors won’t respond, when trying to communicate over BT, it’s partially working but I am unable to detect motors or anything, attempting to do so, just stuck the app. Any idea ? I did not short anything (at least I think, is there a real damage that can possibly happen if the motors bullets touch each other , I don’t think it happened, but is there ?) No burn or any marks on the unity itself. No idea what happened, it just died all of a sudden. Any idea ? :frowning:

Are you using stable firmware? Also, give all the bullet connections a check to make sure there isn’t a loose connection there causing anything, but if you’re not given the option at all I’d try firmware first.

Here’s the Enertion guide on updating FW

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All connections are perfect, I have a spare Unity that is working seamlessly, FW is update-to-date 23.44 latest one, I am pretty sure it’s R.I.P, not sure why though … electronics, go figure … :frowning:

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