My very 1 build / board

I have ordered chain & sprocket that have not received yet going on 2 weeks now it’s in customs. 9t /42t. I got scrub trucks 15" 10mm because they were cheep & I wanted to make sure I had clearance for motors not to touch. Scrub trucks are like trampa stake trucks. So I no I can use them on mountain board 20 degree & 15 degree angle. But my ??? Can I use them on a regular skate board or will I need to add riser or a wedge. Also have torque board motor mounts the scrub hanger is round but the TB motor mounts is a square but I can get on the scrub hanger. Someone help me on what board 2 get & do I need to replace the square clamp from TB & where CAn I buy a round 1.153040068337218881950831530400761203-8745629451530400848062678549791530400919197-3589292231530400975052276917282 Will the round trucks with TB clamp be issue

Those trucks need a 30 (35?) degree angle, you can get special risers but I’m not sure where anymore. Also the clamp most likely won’t work normally but you could either weld it on or use jb weld

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