My VESC blew up!

  1. 12s is sometimes critical for vesc. 10s is recommended
  2. Foc is not stable with our current version
  3. Switching back to bdlc causes problems without a proper reset
  4. 12s 230kv is a bad combo for vesc

Will it be less likely to go wrong with the new VESC-X?

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that is what they claim - not specifically though as they just say it is more robust in general.

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Look at some reviews, perhaps someone tested it with 12s and foc. But your motor is still to high.


Well it is hard to find proper reviews of the VESC-X since it is not officially released yet. They claim it is 12s compatible, so it should be fine. But what is wrong with a 230kv motor?

a little more research would have been good for you:

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Thank you all for answering my questions. Well I first started out with a complete kit from which included a 12s torqueboards ESC and a 230kv motor. But then I wanted something more programmable. And blindly assumed that a VESC would fit my needs. But lesson learned, I need to do better research next time.

I feel your pain brother. I just learned this five days ago. I stumbled across this forum because I couldn’t get any response from Tb. I didn’t even ask them to pay for it I just wanted to know was it something I did

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So, I don’t know if I’m the only one that noticed…but your screenshot of settings shows your battery cutoff start and end at 36V and 33V respectively. Those are good settings, for a 10s setup. But if you’re running 12s it should be 43.2V start cutoff and 42V end cutoff.

I actually have been running the TB VESC and 230KV on my board for over a month. Over 200 problem free miles so far.

You can run 12s in FOC. I have 8 VESC 4.12s in FOC at 12s, hummie runs at 12s in FOC, and same with chaka with chaka vescs.

What you can’t do is run 12s FOC with a standard enertion VESC and not expect problems…

I have also switched between FOC to BDLC and back to FOC before with no issues… It’s where you choose to buy your vesc from that determines what you can do with it…

I hope the vesc-x fixes these issues. I will let you know when I beta test one if you can run 12s in FOC, since that’s pretty much the only way I run…

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you can’t even run 10S in FOC with Enerton-VESCs but they are cheap: 1 Enertion Vesc + 1 DRV-Repair is still cheaper than 1 Chaka or 1 which can blow up too

waiting for VESC-X

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yea but if a chaka vesc blows up you get it repaired under warranty

and so on vesc

I’ve had no issues with enertion vescs on foc at 10s. I believe that a big factor of this is hitting the erpm limit that chaka talks about. 10s and 190kv motors seem to work fine for me but I wouldn’t expect 10s and 230kv motors. I’m sure manufacturing quality helps prevent issues with soldering etc.

I was using 190kv, you may get lucky or you may not, it’s a gamble as nobody really understands what exatly happens and that’s why you are never be save to use FOC.


I’m using TB vesc, v4.12. Will I be fine running FOC at 12S?

FOC is always like russian roulette. It works or it fails. Some people are lucky, some are not.

BLDC will be completely reliable though?

Does anyone have input on the % torque gain from FOC, and the %noise reduction from FOC?

Can you please point me towards actual science behind your statement?

I definitely would not try it with TBs vest.( again ) They will not contact you back . But my Enetion vest on 9s 149kv has ran flawlessly for a couple months but I probably won’t change out of it. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick: