My VESC can be used normally, there is no error report, just power 8302 began to hot, have encountered such a problem?

There is no short circuit in the boost circuit test.

is there anyone help me:sob:

What kind of vesc do you have? Also, a few pics of your vesc might help identify any possible problems.

Screenshot of your vesc setting would be helpful too.

What’s your board setup and specifications? wheel size, battery configuration, vesc, etc.

How did you test to make sure there was no faults?


Hardware 4.12, firmware 3.73。PPM or UART can control the motor to turn normally. When the 5V is directly input, the current is 0.12A and there is no short circuit.

Re-welded 405, also changed a 8302, sometimes wrong, ERPM will automatically, the temperature will rise bit by bit


I found out what the problem was, one of the originals burned out