My vesc is not turning on

I just got this vesc from diy electric skateboard ran for 30 minutes then dead


more info?

thats pretty much it

no light come on I had opened it right out the box programmed it .worked then it stop working

Add photos of both sides, screenshoots of bldc tool settings(if you can read it). What battery do you use?


I had the same issue with @torqueboards VESC. What you need to do is open the BLDC tool and go to “Terminal” and type in “faults.”

Tell us what it says.

Mine was “DRV8302 Error.” Unless you purchased the $60 warranty @torqueboards won’t touch it. He may let you buy the warranty for $75 after the fact and that entitles you to one replacement.

If you somehow find the inevitable manufacturer defect and show him it he may replace it.

I sold my diy electric skateboards VESC for parts and bought Ollin Board Co. for $170. This includes a 1 year warranty and repairs after that as well. Well worth it if you don’t want to randomly be thrown off your board. (Which happened to me with the diy electric skateboard VESC)

It just wont come on and that suck that thety sont take it back this is my second one

Are you supplying power to it? It needs to have power from battery when plugged into the computer.

Yes and yes im am

Ask Dexter then. He might be online in the “chat” function right now at Or message him @torqueboards

I may have mentioned him enough that he will see this thread.

i have been sending hem email but he just stop replying

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i cant kepp puting this type of money in to a board .i could of bought a really good battery if i dident spend it all on the vesc

Yeah, I wasted $100 on his VESC which worked for a week. I got an Ollin @chaka VESC and I feel a lot safer. I definitely made a $100 mistake going with that one. Wish I would have got a better one to begin with.

i got 30 minutes out of it lol that sucks

It’s very curious that yours doesn’t turn on at all. Did you check all the battery connections? Seems like a power source issue. Could be VESC.