My vesc stopped working HELP

so i was useing my board and it hit a carb and fliped over and after it worked for a second but then stopped when i tryed to get back on it didint and when i pust on the gas the pink light flashes 3 times then 3 more not sure what to do

Plug it in and type “faults” in the terminal in BLDC tool.

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Most probably some physical damage… post some pictures…

so i need a new drv chip?

Not necessarily, it may also be cause by physical damage…

Your motor cables might have been disconnected and shorted at the moment of the crash, that could have caused a burnt VESC. I’m still a little dissapointed by how fragile this things are

i was ridding the other day and the motor wires where spaking up but i put some electrical take on them and it still worked after that, i mite order a vesc X in hopes that its more durable, then get both my broken vescs fixed for a future build

you got lucky it was still working… that’s an instant blow.

I’m guessing that shorted phase wires will kill any Esc not just the Vesc.

I have used 120a hobby style Esc’s in the past and in my opinion they where more fragile than the Vesc’s I am currently using.

I guess you meant sparkling? how did you see the sparks if you were riding the board?

i was rideing at night and the wires started sparking when it went and when i used the brakeing so i stoped and turned it off and caried it home

I couldn’t find anything for this size, but I have seen from my dad’s repair shop that gasoline lines in cars have this connector that keeps two gas lines together, maybe it can be used to keep the phase wires together. The clip that has the two hooks pointing back inwards.

or you could just use MT60 connector…

Iv’e been eyeing those. Only draw back is that they are 3mm.

I’ve got some, in black, that I’m going to use with my dual setup.

Keep in mind that with those you can’t just switch two motor phases to change direction.

Once your set you shoun’t have to switch your phase wire.

What does that mean? With a VESC it is fine but with a Car ESC it can be troublesome to change it via programming. Before soldering the connectors there is no way to tell without first trying normal bullet connectors and taking notes.

Hummm. I din’t say these where easy to use because you can’t change the direction vesc without switching phase cable, so basically you have to test it and unsolder / resolder in the right order the phase cable if needed… but these provide a much more solid connection than regular bullet and if the connector detach itself, cable won’t ever short, like what happen in the present case… Also in the case above (if you had read the thread), we are talking about VESC and not car esc, witch have bullet connector solder directly on them without any wire and won’t short together if ever disconnect during use.