My VESC won't turn on, voltage regulator is hot

Hello there, today I was installing a new BT module HC-05 to my VESC, everything was working fine but suddenly my VESC turned off, no LEDs were turned on only the receiver connected to VESC was powered on. Power consumption was 0.07A at 24V. I decided to take a closer look at it and I have found that the SOT223 Voltage Regulator was very hot to touch. After measuring it with an IR thermometer it was reading around 50°C. That VESC was working totally fine until now, do you please have any ideas what could cause this and how can I fix this? I have all the equipment necessary for SMD soldering, so changing it is no problem but I have no idea why is this happening. Thank you in advanced for help!

Here are some pictures:

Top view: Bottom view: Only reciever LED is on: Vregulator temp: Regulator: