My VX1 flipsky Remote is randomly disconnescting

Hi guys,

I am not sure what is wrong, I have checked the wiring and everything seems to be according to manual. While riding (or stopping at red light) the VX1 remote just disconnects and sometimes it takes couple of restarts until it connects back again. This has caused me to take a pretty nasty crash and thus I can ignore it no longer. The only solution I havent tried is setting up the vesc and the remote from the beginning. Also the components might be cramped in the box too tightly, could that cause a random disconnect (I dont think so since the usual restart helps the issue)?

What do you think? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :blush:

Thank you all for your help in advanced. :slight_smile:

I have never allowed a continuing disconnect situation. I have had one remote fail on connection but before launch. Replace both remote and receiver. What you spend not going to doc, makes it free or better.