N.E.S.E vs Vruzend

I have all the parts for my build was planning on spot welding but the spot welder I was going to use didnt pan out.

Looking at Vruzend or another cold connection kit.

The Vruzend 1.5 is only $30 some dollars which is good, Im making a 10s4p pack,so Id have to buy 2 of the Vruzend 2.0.

The NESE would cost probably close to $100

Just want to know what some of your guys’ experiences are with these products?

Are there any other good options?

I’d have sooo butted in if my option was already available :weary: NESE and Vruzend are good at what they do. Well thought out. NESE might accommodate higher amps because of copper tabs.

There are plenty of options out there but nese is the most tested of them all. If you have a 3D printer there are a few really good options.

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Decent products but you have to consider the extra space they take.

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Have you looked @ @Winfly modules?

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If you are interested, i have 3 10s4p packs made with vtc5 cells. Shipped anywhere in the usa for $320.

I also have enough to make 1 more custom 10s4p pack in any dimension. Just let me know. The price is the same