N00b question, ESC connection

Hi Everyone, i’m putting together a one wheel. So far i’ve sourced anti spark switch, Flipsky 4.12 ESC, and a 10" hub motor wheel i already had a couple of Arduino clones, and MPU-6050 Gyro’s sitting in a drawer, so i’m just waiting on the a 10S2P battery.

the hub motor has a 5 pin plug for power, ground, and hall effects, as well as the 3 motor connectors, but none of these are labeled. (the hubs’ motor cables are blue, green, and yellow, and so are the hall effect wires from the hub so it would make sense that they’re matched)

My question is the ESC diagram shows H1, H2, and H3 as hall effect inputs, but i’m guessing the connecting of these is order specific.

how do i tell if i’m connecting the 3 motor cables, and hall effect plugs in the right order?

Worry only about red and black