Name of the 11 pins on the Enertion Spacecell

Hey :grinning: What the name of the 11 pins on the space cell and where can I buy both male and female version?

Thank you for your help.


The photo doesn’t work, but it might be a “JST connector” but there are different pitches available

Thanks Do you know the pitches, if not how can I found out.

digital calipers or a tape measure

Jst XH 11pin, digikey, mouser…


Usually those connectors are jst ph with 2mm pitch. @blasto you sure they are xh? Just checking to be sure.

If it is then bleh since every connector on the focbox is a ph.

On second thought it might just be xh since I think this other china bms I use is indeed a different size then my bestech bms which uses the what I consider standard ph connector.

You could always just ask enertion 24/7 support.


Yes i am sure, the pitch is 2.5mm

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