Name TBD: BrickV2 Freeride/Dual 6355/10s4p. What do you think?

Been lurking on this great forum for the last couple weeks. Very helpful community! I appreciate all the wisdom/knowledge that people have offered on this site. I recently got back into longboarding from a 4 year hiatus, and it reminded me of how much I didn’t like to push. Fast forward a few weeks (and lots of hours) of research, and I think im ready to build.


Funbox Brick V2

I chose this deck for a few reasons: To keep costs low, for 8ply stiffness, its symmetrical design, and because its a blank deck. SO wants to paint it for me which should be cool.


Caliber 2 10in 50 deg

I went with the calibers because, well, they are calibers. 50 deg trucks because with a top speed of ~25mph I dont think 44 deg will be necessary. 10 in width for clearance for 12mm belts and dual 6355. Do you think I will have to modify the trucks to make everything fit?


ABEC 11 Flywheels 83mm

I love the ABEC Gumballs that I currently have.


TB 36T wheel, 14T motor

I kinda wanted to go for 15T motor pulley, but the top speed difference seemed negligible. TB also had a decently priced kit for 14tmotor/36twheel.


Im probably just gonna make the open source mounts that onloop was kind enough to give to this community. Thanks man!


TB 6355 190kv

Everyone seems pretty satisfied with these motors. Im planning on running them sensored.



THE FOCBOX looks amazing but I dont think I can justify that price for two. I couldnt find a better quality VESC anywhere in stock. It seems like some people have had bad experiences with the TB VESC, but im hoping those are just the loud minority. FOC looks like its sweet, but ive also heard that these TB VESCs can have issues running it. What do you guys think?


10S4P Samsung 30Q cells

My commute is ~10 miles. I would like to leave some extra juice in the pack incase i have a detour or errand. 60a continuous im hoping will be enough to prevent most of the voltage sag. Its fairly flat around me, but there are some decent hills in my town (~5-18% grade).


TB 2.4 nano

The form factor of this remote really sold me. The nunchuck was a close second, but this looked alot easier to slide into a pocket and forget.

Risers: 1/4 for wheel/motor clearance and dampening. Do you think 1/4 is enough?

10s BMS, power button, battery capacity indicator. Looking at ordering these from Mike Beard’s Site. Hes the only place I found a power button in stock. Have any of you ordered through him before?

Im willing to spend ~1000 USD on this build, and another ~250 for tooling and misc. If there is something that would make a significant difference in performance/functionality I would be ok with spending a little more. For the electronics case im planning on molding kydex, but im still not sure about that.

I hoped my breakdown was informative enough as to why I chose the parts I did. If you see any glaring mistakes or have any ideas im all ears. Thanks for reading!


I think your build is realistic and petty well thought out. As far as the risers go, the only way of knowing will be to test out. If it’s not enough, 1/8" rubber shock pads can probs get you the rest of the way. Not sure if i missed it, but have you thought about an enclosure? That will be quite important. For all the bad I’ve heard for the tb vesc’s, I’ve seen a lot of good. I think most people fry their vesc’s due to improper settings. Do extensive research. And I’d recommend you start with good ol bldc mode to start. More forgiving. Consider replacing your bushings in the trucks maybe. Take the board for a few trips without all the e-gear to get a feel for it. I like the venom barrels in the cal trucks. Shipper stiff board side and med road side. That’s all preference though. I think you’ll be very happy with your plans. What material will you use for the mounts?

Hey thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

Ok cool ill grab the 1/4 risers online. If i need the extra 1/8 im sure i can pick them up local.

For the enclosure, I saw a post on here where the guy thermofored his enclosure out of kydex. Im leaning towards that route, his looks really nice.

Cool thanks for the reassurance on the VESC. BLDC is fine with me.

Im rocking venom barrels on my bear trucks right now, pastel blue boardside/purple roadside. They are the best bushings ive ever tried.

Im gonna take some scrap aluminum from work and mill the mounts.

After more research on the caliber 2 trucks, it seems like most people who modify them are doing it because they have very large wheels. Hopefully im good there.

Has anyone bought from

Any other tips/ideas you guys have to improve this build? If all is good im going to order this weekend. Thanks.

Have you finished this board? I really want to build something on this deck and I was wondering if it turned out. Did you end up needing the truck spacers for the 83mm wheels?

Hey. Unfortunately I’m waiting for time in my mill at work to make the mounts. I currently have all the parts, besides the mounts. I’ll let you know as soon as i can.

One last piece to make! I need to drill and tap the set screws, then finish them with some sort of coating. Anodizing would be perfect, but unfortunately all the shops around here have of minimum charge of ~$90 USD. I’m not willing to pay that.

Any suggestions on what to use?


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Finally have all the necessary items for my build. There are just a few things here and there I need, but I can get most of it from stores in town. I really want to finish this build before the end of the year.

I finished the mounts and test fit them on my 10 inch caliber trucks. Unfortunately with my setup the motors overhung the center of the truck by about .04 of an inch. I ended up decking the motor mount plates by .1 where the motor mates to the plate, giving me enough clearance for dual motors.


Its a tight fit but should work out OK. I am hoping that the mounting points on the motor give a little bit of strength to the plates since I had to deck them so thin. I think I am just going to spray paint the mounts black to match the motors, trucks, and pulleys.


Parallel cells were glued together and a test fit was done to make sure everything will fit, and to get a plan for how to build the battery.


@butt_stallion it looks like I will need risers, not for the wheels but for clearance for the motors. 1/2 inch risers look like they will work. As far as the board goes it seems pretty solid for the price. Not the best quality but a really good value option. Mine came without any sort of damage of blemishes, etc.

Next step is to go pick up spray adhesive so I can attach the fish paper to the cells, and get some 10 gauge wire to bridge the paralleled cells.

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Is the tail short enough to where you can rear mount the motors and get rid of the risers?

Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding this board in stock anywhere. I am still checking in with places to see if they will ever be in stock.


I was able to get my motor mounts anodized. Added them to a large anodize order my work was sending to plating. The black satin finish matches the trucks and wheel pulley really well.



The board graphic is finished. She did an amazing job on it! I think im just going to do clear grip tape where my feet will go, that way I don’t cover up the bear. Any cool ideas on how to make the grip tape match the pattern?

@butt_stallion Ill get you pictures and dimensions of the truck mounted up to the board soon. Currently waiting for the polyurethane coat to dry.



Got the fishpaper glued to the batteries, and drew some diagrams for the electrical system. If you guys see any errors, or have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know.




Getting there. This build is taking a lot longer than I wanted. Sometimes life happens and you just have to wait to work on things. I’m happy with my current progress.


That’s an awesome looking deck! If that’s on top, carbon fiber vinyl would look really good on the bottom I think. Maybe you can put grip tape over the black chevrons on either side of the bear?