Nano Remote controller on sale on Aliexpress for 37$ , ends in 48h

Don’t know if it is the right place, but wanted to share what i found today on aliexpress: New 2.4Ghz mini remote controller Built-in lithium battery with receiver for electric skateboard longboard

Is a good deal?

I think youre better off sending them a message and negotiate for a price

it is not already a good price 37$ ? It is the lowest price i could find for this “torque board style” remote control online. Can you suggest where i can find it at lower price if it’s not a good price?

That remote is unreliable. There are several threads about it. There are people on the forums working on arduino remotes (@Sander @Print3r @lox897) that are about the same size.

For now you should go with a Mini remote or a GT2B instead. Just my two cents.

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Or Benchwheel remote which looks the same but a bit bigger than the Nano remote.

or finally someone starts selling vedders nunchuck pcb’s…

I got mine fom ebay only 18$ with shipping

No problems yet

wow, nice price for that Remote! But it is too big for my taste, i want to put the remote in the pocket with no problmes.

The problem it’s that it is too big to put it in the pocket. Just personal preference. I would like to investigate more these problems with the winning remote people had, beacause at not even 2 meter away you can’t have transmission problems. I would like to see the bords and where the receiver i positioned, because metal and carbon fiber block signal for the radio.

I eneded up buiyng it, and will make appropriate test before using it :

Just sesrch on baggood they have the mini remote for 11$ and receiver for 8$ i bought 3 and all Good and legit

I used the winning remote. I added a ferrit ring to the cable between receiver and vesc. I added coaxial antennas on the remote and receiver. I mounted the receiver on the top of the board but still had always interferences at a road near to a railway crossing. Now I use the benchwheel remote without any problems.

+1 for Benchwheel remote, fits in pockets, lasts forever, and reliable.

Benchwheel would be the top! But i am on a very strict budjet and this was the cheapest remote i could find that fits in the pocket :sweat_smile: ( I had found the benchweel for 40$ on aliexpress, but it was only the transmitter without receiver sadly ) If i will have problems with the winner , and i have a functional electric skateboard build i will upgrade later when i can afford :slight_smile:

Every now and then, Benchweel has a flash sales on AliExpress. I got the remote/receiver combo for about $45 last time.

I also read somewhere that there is a new nano remote circulating about. Maybe improved over the old one, has anyone heard anything about it?

I buy three remote controls. works well

The Benchwheel receivers tend to break fast… Watchout

I’ve got 3, been running all of them for months and never had one break.

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