Nano Remote V2 Group buy $37 each

The new nano remote is out, some sellers are quietly replacing the winning with these. Found a supplier for a quick gb the prices are as follows:

1x v2 remote = $37 + shipping 2x v2 remotes = $72 + shipping 3x v2 remotes = $108 + shipping

US Shipping $7 2-day priority Other shipping ask with location and qty…

Order here

some disscussion on the remote itself here

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@fraannk @Crushkrew @Michaelinvegas

more remotes to play with!!

I have one of these for testing. My 2 concerns:

1- can take an extremely long time to pair. 1 time it pairs instantly, the next it dosnt at all.

2- there is no sleep or auto time out. I have accidentally left it on multiple times only to try and use it again but the battery is dead and the switch in the on position.

I also paid a lot less for it, direct from the manufacturer… :thinking:

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the first one sounds like a bit of an issue…but hopefully its isolated…

maybe its cheaper to just get 1 directly but the cost has the bulk shipping and fees split into it, still much less than retailer’s markups…

I also blew a resistor on the receiver, it was very odd… powered by the VESC. I had them send me a new one and haven’t used it much again.

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this would have been useful on the other thread! looks like you got a dud, I would think this and the binding problem are related…

I’m in…just put on list

For <= $37 I’m in

How much was it straight from the manufacturer + shiiping?

Does the reverse button actually work? I’d assume you’d have to have the VESC setting at “current with reverse” right?

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I just got another email, if we order 30, then its a few $ off. at 50 a few more.

so at 50 they will be $30 or less each.


Just ordered or requested 2. Thanks you:)

Ordered a couple, Thanks

I’m on the list…any idea when the order is going to go?

just checked the list. there are enough to place an order. let me make sure they have enough in stock.

if you are in the US you can paypal the total amount to [email protected]

if you are international please check shipping rates with me first!

So what’s the total now…with shipping? US

same as above. 44 with fast shipping, or 40 with regular. (in the us)

or we could wait to try to hit the bigger discount numbers… there are 12 ordered in the 3 days but I think I can just do another bigger buy if there is more interest after this…

what do you guys think? people who signed up only please…

  • wait for discounts
  • get em now!

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How much for shipping to Denmark?

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saul, I would be interested in buying 2, sent to the US. Please let me know how much for 2 sent to the US. Thanks.

$72 +$3 shipping.