Nano Remote V2 Group buy $37 each

$12.6 is the best option from Los Angeles. no time estimate tho, priority is 6-10 days but $32…

this is the price I’ve been getting for most places in Europe.

$72 + 3 or 7. depending on mail type.

fast type is 2-3 days. other is not listed but I think about a week or two…maybe less maybe more lol

My remote broke down today, id really like to get the lower price, but also, im running on a taped up Quanum Pistol Grip in Chicago. (Dont get a gun shaped remote if you live in chicago, i learned that the hard way.)

Wouldn’t it be $74 (2x37) plus 3 for slow shipping $77?

Do want us to pay now or wait to see if we’re going for the better discount?

if you get more than 1 remote, then its $1 off each. from the taxes and fees and whatever…

the sign ups have slowed, I don’t think it would be worth the wait. But Its still open till all the payments are in and I place the final order.

If you signed up already, paypal to [email protected]

I didn’t think about it, but if someone in eu wants to order like 10 and ship them out locally, that would probably save everyone some $$, and save me alot of time in figuring out customs bs.

Also I noticed a couple of you are local in so cal, one even in riding distance! So let me know if you want to just pickup from LA.

Do I just PayPal you the total amount with my shipping info?

put your info in the google form on the first post. then paypal. I can match up the emails and keep track of everything

Thanks! I just sent payment.

Payment sent for 2. Thanks.

Is the group buy still open? How much is the shipping to Singapore?

Still open? If so, what is the shipping timeline for east coast USA?

Interested in 1

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@jaysoncena yes its open. shipping is 12.60 for first class, or $31 for priority (faster with tracking)

@do_a_kickflip priority is 2/3 day, or regular is some time. This is of course after I get them. which will be at least a week after I get all the payments and close off orders. I plan to cut off in the next few days.

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Thanks for the info. In for one. Just filled out the form. PM me if you need anything else.

cool, if you haven’t already, please send the paypal to [email protected]

I want to close this off in the next few days and get these, so anyways who hasn’t paid by then, i’ll just drop your order and move on.

I’m on the list…just paid…I’ll pm shipping address…thx

Joining in on this, and paid :slight_smile:

Just sent $37 + $12.60 (first class to Singapore)

hi I sent a form, but how much do I pay for the remote? Is there a discount on the group order? Is it $30 for the remote or is it still $37 and 12.60 for first class shipping to the UK?

How much to ship one to Israel? How do I place the order?