Nano - x 2nd group buy? $55 shipped USA

Do I need to do a 2nd group buy?

Basically need at least 7 people


dude is onloop giving you commission on all these sales?? lol :joy:

I should right ??? :joy:

and thats not even counting the fact that you are basically running the forum!

When should these ship out if I pay tomorrow?

I’d be in for one.

Can Europe participate ? I think I’ve read that there also is an warehouse in Europe :confused:

I’d try to set one up yourself if you are in Europe

@Eboosted there seems to be two of you…

5 more

I’m in for Europe, maybe we can organise something, from AU to EU are 33 bucks !!

I can’t believe no one pulled the trigger to buy 50 of these, ship it to USA and resell them with US$ 20 profit, I’d be down for one if it’s in stock ready to ship.