Nano x binded and connected, but not showing any input on vesc tool

Just got my nano x replacement (thanks bara). But now I have another problem,

It has a green light and the receiver has a constant red light which means it’s connected properly. Vesc tool is connected to focbox.

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s not too crazy. Didn’t you disable the motor in vesc tool? Also very hard to tell from that quick video. Do you have a different RX to try?

No I don’t, motor was not disabled.

I opened up the nano and put it back together and it started working LOL

Good. But not good either. Now you have a remote that didn’t work unless you opened it? Unless you can pinpoint exactly what prevented it from working I would be very cautious. Random not working while Accel or decel

My best guess is a dislodged or cold solder. About to open it back up and check connections.