Nano-X disconnection issues?

Has anyone had any problems with there nano-x controller disconnection or anything?

I’ve had it disconnect several times and I finally got my board out today… everything was fine, then it started not responding… then all the sudden my board just took off and got stuck underneath a car… its crazy… any clue on what would do this? Is the maytech thump remote better?

Also does anyone have a maytech thumb remote they can sell me? I’d like to get one asap… finally have the board complete and want to ride


I actually experienced something similar. Turns out the connection to the receiver was vibrating loose.

Glued it together and haven’t had any issues in about 50km.

I actually electrical taped it to the receiver because of the initial disconnection issues had me worried. It’s very snug and tight now and it still messed up… not good

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I read about people having to resolder parts to fix some QC issues. But also it seems Enertion are pretty cool with replacing them. Hit up their support.

I emailed them already, just waiting on a response… how do you feel about the maytech remote vs the torque board remote?

Only ever used a nanoX myself. But from what I’ve read maytech comes out on top.

I love my diy thumb throttle

You need to change the vesc settings so it goes to 0 throttle when you lose connection

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Where is that located?

Yeah, I was thinking that one too… ordered one and should be here early next week

App configuration-general settings- timeout when no control signal is received.

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Thanks bro! I’m going to set it in the am… at least I’ll feel a little better about riding until the other remote gets here

Nano x still doing well? Any issues at all?

Another 80ish Km done. Still no issues.

I’ve not had disconnection issues, but have have connection issues several times. Super frustrating. Seems totally random, just won’t connect…I’ll let it sit for 20-30 minutes then it will usually connect.

My disconnection issues were directly due to the controller not charging properly. Discussed in this thread:

I havent had any issues since charging while the controller is on.