Nano-X no red light, controller died after 5 miles, questions | Temp fix :-)

I keep reading that when the controller charges, the red light should come on.

I’ve had my controller for about a week, charged it when I got it (I think…), But it only ever shows the green light blinking when it’s plugged into any of my chargers or computer. Should the red light come on? If not, how do I know it’s done charging? Should I just keep it plugged in for a few hours and call it good?

When it died, it just had the blinking green light (very dull) and control was very spotty until eventually cutting out completely. After plugging in for a few minutes (green blinking light, no red), it does seem to charge.

To reiterate, never seen the red light come on and I feel like this would have been useful to indicate a dieing controller before going out. For now I’ll be packing an external battery and USB cable just in case…

I guess I’ll try contacting enertion support, probably a better option since they are 24/7 anyways :sunglasses:

Plugged mine in just to check. the red light came on. It sounds like your battery manager is faulty and isn’t cutting off at the right voltage (hence the dull green light) talk to enertion support.

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Thanks! 1010

Question for you, does your green light come on as well when you plug it in?

It doesn’t. Red light comes on while charging. I own 5 nano-x remotes. Its how all of them work. Something is wrong with yours.

Well it looks like it actually doesn’t ever charge no matter what. I had it plugged in for a couple hours with the blinking green light… and after 30 seconds or so it goes from solid green to blinking green twice fast, consecutively as the green blinking light gets dimmer and dimmer. I guess I have to use a battery pack to keep it powered on in the meantime… :-/ contacted support.

If you aren’t afraid of taking it apart you could go in and try measuring the voltage across your battery. Might void warranty though. I’d say just try to get it replaced

I’d keep it because I want to ride, if I could fashion a way to charge the battery somehow…

Will Solve it ASAP :slight_smile: Don’t open the NANO-X unless it’s advised by Enertion

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Thanks carl! Just spoke with you on chat. I appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

my pleasure

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Well, good news, it seems to at least take some charge when plugged into an external battery bank as long as the controller is turned on. It nearly drained my tiny 1000 mah battery bank I had in my pocket while riding with it plugged in. Testing now to see if it keeps the charge unplugged.

Still odd that the red light never comes on, and buzzes if plugged in when turned off and no indication of charging.

I await word back from enertion, you support guys have been great up to this point… I love this controller, fits between my fingers and slide puck perfectly. Hopefully I can keep using this current controller until the replacement arrives. Thanks again all and enertion guys.

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I open mine up and charge it from the plus and minus pins on the pcb

I’ve gotten 3 remotes so far and all 3 currently do the same thing too my red light never turns on when attempting to charge


Huh! Do your controllers buzz when you turn them off and attempt to charge them?

Do they take a charge when turned on (lights green flashing pairing or solid paired just no red light?)

You still use your controllers? If I can charge my controller just fine (seems to be, just has to be turned on and has no charge indicator), I think I may just keep on using this controller.

I rwcently bought 2 controllers and they do exactly what you are describing. However, when using a spare usb cable (not the one supplied) they seem to charge just fine… Never seen the red light, just flashing green.

I’ve got the issue where when I plug it into charge it just starts to flash green like it’s attempting to bind. I’ve reported the issue to enertion support which they have been very helpful with but still the same issue with all 3 remotes I was shipped. If there is something I’m missing please let me know

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I investigated this a bit last night after my controller started flashing low battery after about 30 mins of use. (2 green flashes, long wait, 2 green flashes…)

My controllers buzz, (kind of hum a bit) when switched off and plugged in to charger. I previously thought they were charging in this state, but now I dont think it is actually charging.

Switched on and plugged into the charger and the humming stops, and I believe the device is charging. As you say though, its just flashing green light (if not paired) or solid green (if board is on and paired)

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Okay, good to know this is normal for the most part then. I did manage to figure out too that the controller has to be on… it is definitely holding a charge. :slight_smile: Even though this doesn’t seem normal compared to the literature out there, at least the controller is functioning. Who needs a red light anyways. :wink:

I have the same issue with two of my nano x remotes. No red light, no indication it’s dying but more importantly no indication it is fully charged. But it does seem to be holding a charge and it charges while the switch is in the OFF position.

A little frustrating because when I buy a product, I’d like to expect the product to work 100% but considering I have no other issues with it and multiple people are having this same problem with no clear remedy , I’ll just keep using it because as a controller it works fantastic!!! :man_shrugging:t2: