Nano X signal issues or faulty VESC x

I’m back again with another issue. I have only been riding my board for a couple weeks when I started having connectivity issues. The transmitter/reciever seem to pair/connect correctly but the signal is getting lost somewhere between the reciever and VESC. I’m trying to determine which one is at fault? I’ve found that when I pressed down on the cables on the VESC and shifted them around a bit the signal light would flash and sometimes it would even cause the motor to move. Any suggestions?

Sounds like a faulty cable. Try a new cable. Spend a little extra for quality cable with heavy duty connectors and heavy gauge wires.

Any suggestions? The nano x didn’t come with any (out they forgot) so I threw mine together from some Arduino development cables I had.

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I’ve also tried a new cable, homemade again, but same/similar issue.

Take a look at what is going on in the bldc tool, tick the ppm display

@Blasto how do I go about that? Tick the PPM, I found the page, just not sure what to do once I get there. What will it tell me?

Well it lets you visualize the ppm signal… is it jumping around or nice and stable

I’m under App Configuration and the PPM tab, I don’t see any charts.

The motor its self those is very stable when I send it commands to turn to a certain RPM, breaking, all response on the second.

It’s just a little bargraph that displays the ppm signal.

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Do you know of any tests I could run to determine if it is a Nano issue or something up again with my VESC?

I think these guys meant this bar on bldc tool. When you connect the vesc to your computer and tick “display” it will show you what percentage of throttle is being read by the vesc. this can at least show you if your connection is stable.