Nano x stop binding properly

Hi everyone. I’ve got a full enertion setup board which running a nano-x remore with no issue for nearly one and a half year.

Since I got the nano-x remote,I was using twin vescs and it always bound instantaneously. Blew a vesc one day and got a replacement focbox, ran that foxbox as the master and the vesc as slave then I encountered the problem which it wouldn’t bind. Swapped the vesc as master then well all good.

A couple of months later the vesc blew itself up so I got another replacement focbox and I set the new focbox as master and everything worked just perfect until today… For the problem now I have, I’ve searched almost every thread online and tried everything. Somehow none of them work.

Tried reconnect the servo while the board battery is on and the remote power is on, it works. But who wants opening the enclosure every single time before go for a ride? Tried get rid of the tape behind the servo, tried putting a bit solder on ch1 pins making them thicker and swapped both focbox make sure their wires are fine. Tried relocating the servo far away from focbox but it just didn’t work. Also enertion support says that it’s out of warranty so won’t send me a new one.

Now, I’m thinking buying a 2.4g mini remote from ebay just for the servo but don’t know it’s gonna work or not. Anyone got any good idea for getting this issue fixed? Much appreciated!

Some remotes just simply die over time…I guess you can fix it. You have the mini remote and benchwheel remote as options i guess

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Yeah well I guess so. I’ll buy a 2.4g mini from ebay then. Wish me luck and thanks mate.

Sucks when things don’t work right. My nano stopped binding properly after about a year. I could turn the board on and everything worked fine. If I turned it off and back on again it wouldn’t bind. I’d have to wait for a while maybe a half hour and it would bind again. It was under warranty though. What i’m getting at is maybe there is a repair agent close by. I’m surprised they didn’t offer some guidance for getting it repaired. Unfortunately I don’t know who does repairs in Australia. Maybe hit them up again and see if they have a repair agent near you? It may be cheaper to just buy a new winning receiver.

All the best.

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Its happen to me on the mini remote… at least thet are cheap and work well.

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Yeah 3 or 4 months ago it started binding slowly, sometimes took almost 10 mins(I stayed sharp looking at it lol). Last night I let it bind for a whole night and it didn’t even bother so. Here in Australia people just get used to buy a new one in stead of getting it fixed. but Ill ask nembers on fb first anyway. Cheers.

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