So As I surfing the ebay I found something called, NAPSR skateboard.

So it is Esk8 with scooter wheel at back, in his describtion : The X-Calibur Full Race Electric Skateboard Retails Only As A Custom Made Racing Skateboard That Is Known To Hit Speeds Exceeding 50mph. It is the only Powered Skateboard that is approved by the NAPSR, National Association Of Powered Skateboard Racing League. The average cost of these boards is well over two thousand five hundred dollars (2,500.00) The X-Calibur Full Race Electric Skateboard Is The Only approved Skateboard By NAPSR Racing Please Google Or You Tube NAPSR Racing. I am The Patent Holder On This Skateboard USPTO 8061725. I am slashing the price on the two working Skateboards to 700.00 a piece.

Which I though it was a joke and encounter this on youtube.


Is this still going on or is it Relic of the past?

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Hahahhaa i dont know why im laughing. The board looks unstable and the drive train design is like something that would come out of china. Our boards are wayy wayy faster because of grippy urethane wheels and a larger contact patch. Not to mention our boards in most cases have two wheels sending power to the ground, in some cases even four. Would be fun to turn up to their competition and leave them in the dust, the look on their faces would be priceless :smile:


LOL it is hilariously bad design, I dig a little more, and found those big penue is lifting back truck off the ground and the truck is just there to not tip over the board. like a pivot or something like lift board. They also use large brushed motor, they also maybe use lead acid batt. but then again it is like 7-8 yrs ago videos. even before the boosted so :joy:

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patent link

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Relic from Encino Velodrome Sunny SoCal…

you should go do it see if you can go 75mph, I immediately remembered you when i saw the video