Well, since my old board was too weak, i decided to build a new stealthier one. the result is very nice, sadly i do not really have any pictures from building it.

I drove it yesterday and the acceleration quite gave me a grin, this is pure gold.

Parts used:

  • esk8 VESC 1.1 by @esk8
  • Caliber II Black 184mm
  • Konion VTC5 10S3P Soldered with integrated BMS
  • Trampa Stickies 83mm
  • ST 6354 sensored brushless motor (2x)
  • ProtoBoards Carbon Motormount (they sadly dont sell them anymore)
  • Enclosure from @bigben
  • Landyachtz Evo Deck

Following things will be made in future:

  • Antispark like @Deckoz
  • Photon from @Wajdi (someone up here for a group buy in germany/eu?)
  • 10S4P 25R/30Q i will see… nkon has a good offer
  • wanted UART HM10 but Photon already using this

the pictures i can provide right now are these:



Just bought 40 x 30Q cells for extended range battery


Looks like she’s getting some use! I squeezed in 50x 30Q cells.

how the fuck you fit 50 in there? im going up to 16/35 because its a bit slow with the 83mm wheels.

It’s tight! Inside the shrink wrap are 25 cells either side. Even managed to shoehorn in the big BMS and twin receiver. You could try 12s4p?


ah i need to turn around my motors because of the cables. right now they face directly to the enclosure and do a little loop inside…

how do you get your cables inside?

i just ordered 40 cells damnit… maybe next time… is there a significant difference between 10S and 12S?

I don’t run 12s but yes, 20% more power I guess! Everyone is loving the 13s now too… My cables run to the back and then loop back towards the enclosure along the deck. I 3d printed a little clamp to keep the cables in place. It’s fixed using the spare truck mounting holes.

I run the cables straight into the enclosure under the rubber seal.

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ah i understand… sadly i already drilled holes for them… damn i think i need another option, shorten the cables maybe or split in the middle and then run to the side…

but going under the lip was not in my head.

i think i’ll stay with th 10S4P, the board is heavy enough i think this is the absolute maximum right now for me…

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this is a very good idea… i should try this definitely. i just need to cram up these holes ha!

well, nevermind im going to add some more cells and go 12S4P… you brought me on that idea, if i die its your fault haha.

450mm should be enough to fit everything… this cable thing i will find a solution

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Theres 630mm or so in the enclosure isn’t there?

Just a note, your mounting holes are inside the rubber seal. If you can run some rubber inside them you will reduce the chance of dust or moisture getting in…

my screws are secured with seals :sunglasses:

yes i meant my space right now without my cables, VESCs and receiver.

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well hello there!


well, i thought about the vibrations and about the soldering to the battery directly. after shrink wrapping i can’t check the connections and since the bms is also inside the shrink wrap there is no way to test the voltage for each cell.

i drove about 500km with my first build and i never had a problem with my battery and bms soldering. no cable came loose nor a soldering joint got lost. but i checked the battery every now and then. my next build should ne vibration -“bulletproof”.

so i cam up with this idea:

in the copper i will drill holes and then the bms cable will get screwed tight with a fixing nut.


Well, i was not active for a long time, never found time because of many things. But today after burning 1 BesTech BMS because of ambiguous labelling, receiving of the 218mm TB Trucks… almost half of the price was shipping cost :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and some other things, i managed to set up a part of the BMS…

i am not really satisfied with the wiring, but man was i exhausted from today. i really hope the labelling of the BMS is correct this time.