Neal Precision Skate Bearings | Does anyone use these?

Hi I’m wondering your thoughts on these bearings. The black ceramic ones. Does anyone use them. How do they perform or make your setup better?

I just got them, they are quality. Just have to be careful not to over tighten or they bind up a little.

Oh good, already pulled the trigger on them. Thanks for the advice about tightening…

Great Price!!! And about over tightening. All bearing bind if you tighten them without spacers. The deal is you got to use spacers because you really need to tighten your wheels down solid to help prevent speed wobbles. You can get spacers on eBay, Amazon or your local skate shop. Or, if you want really good heavy duty spacers you can get them from here: This is the size I use and it works perfectly and you can tighten down your wheels like there’s no tomorrow and they still spin fast and free! And best of all, the best is also the cheapest!

UPDATE: I just noticed that they come with spacers however, if those spacers are not long enough the bearings will still bind. Wheels are not all the same. That is why I bought custom spacers that fit Abec11 wheels and clones. .405" length is just right. Plus, the larger outside diameter and thicker wall makes them much more durable and stable.

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Thanks for the advice. I hope the spacers that come with the bearings are quality as well.

I use Neal as well, great quality!

My spacers must not be machined right. I’ll try swapping them out with another set and see if that helps.

Did you use the spacers in th neal kit?

I did. You’ll want to make sure the spacer is .4-.403"as shorter ones won’t do its job. Slightly longer is probably better due to potentially wide manufacturing tolerances on hubs.

I just pulled the one that binds up, measured .4 on the button. Probably a deformity in the casting of the hubs.


If your spacers are too short, you can just add a thrust washer to the spacer. I’ve done that and it works fine.

great video bro! This is why the serious downhillers use precision trucks costing hundreds of dollar for a set.

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I agree great video. I will be using my calipers and checking my trucks closely now forsure.

Got my bearings in. Rolling so smooth. Absolutely zero play in my wheels now, which use to translate to potential wobble at speed. They are definitely precision. Great buy so far.

Yep I love mine, I got the ceramic ones recently as well. Sad they rose their prices by $10 though.

Did they? Mine were about 40 bucks…

The first ones I got were just standard bearings at $16, now they’re $25.

I see…Must be supply and demand. Sometimes amazon wavers in prices though.

I got some Neal bearings based off this thread. One of them that came wouldn’t spin so I reached out to them - they next-dayed a full set to me. Good stuff.

As an aside. You can use to set price alerts and also look at price history.