Near collison with cyclist

so i´m PISSED at this cyclist right now!

I was doing…oh…about 9-10kmh on a straight bike path when this asshole decided to cross a busy street and ride his bike perpendicular into the bicycle path and nearly collided into me from the left. I was not expecting this since the street he crossed is very busy and no sane person would do such a thing. I mean his front wheel was about 20cm away from me when he decided to hit the brakes. FUCKING IDIOT!



i’m pissed about stupid nonsense posts


lol…and the sense in your post is where?

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I’m pissed at the world. It is all around me and constantly invades my personal space.



What did you have for dinner?

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Should I get it? I bet I can piss off some ESK8 punks with it, especially after a bit of modding.

ahhh shit…now theres piss all over the place…

Thus stuff happens every day bud. Brush it off or you’re going to develop paranoia.

Take solice in the likelihood of that gentleman learning a lesson real soon on his bike.

Maybe you need a K5LA train horn on your board. Who’ll be the first to do it


:thinking: did I mention that I work with trains :sweat_smile: I should give it a try…


I nearly killed an esk8r tonight. roundabout guy flies out wearing boardies only and speaking on his phone. Waves at me. Thats all good mate ay. Thought it was pretty ironic.

Do you guys go the wrong way around roundabouts?

You in the uk? If so no sir we go the same way round as you. If you’re anywhere else in the world japan excepted then yes.

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I totally had one of these on my old 1968 Datsun. Found it on an old lowrider Impala in a junkyard. Used to scare the crap out of people lol

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You may well have started something here. I for one am fully up for a dukes of hazard air horn on my board.

That’s so chrushingly disappointing :frowning:

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The fact that we share the same roundaboutness? or the fact we don’t?

This thread has me lost in stupid creativity. I’m now researching the bloody general lee with thoughts of a build. Step away from the computer Daren. Now.

Do it for science!

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