Nearly new Space Cell Pro 4 (Europe)

I originally created a post some time ago to sell it, but then some work stuff happened and i totally abandoned the topic, now i’m decided to sell this ASAP, so… Almost 1,5 year ago i bought a Space Cell 4 from enertion. I got some mounts and a skateboard and started playing around and got my skateboard to work. I was extremely happy with it as it simplified the process of building and assembling the skateboard a lot.

After playing some months with the Electric skateboard i stopped using it and it is sitting there so now i want to sell the Battery as it is in perfect shape and it is a extremely high quality device.

attached some pictures and i can answer any questions :).

Price would be 200 € + shipping from Spain, i still have the original packing mater IMG_20171112_120137 IMG_20171112_120213 ial.IMG_20171112_120154

Hi, do you know what shipping to uk would cost?

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20 eur shipping and we 'd have a deal :slight_smile:

The battery has beenSold!