Need 10s-12s Speed Controller Quickly

Anyone know where I can quickly buy four 10s-12s speed controllers? I got everything I needed to build myself and my son a board, but unfortunately ended up with 6s esc, instead of 10s+ ones?

Budget for the 4?

grab a few VESC from psychotiller ( - he’s in California and delivers fast

There is a large warning label about durability with the Maytech VESC from users who bought them. Best to get ones from

Where did you read about durability of the Maytech vescs?

@RaceFlight Have you found any yet? I have four of torqueboards 12s esc from two builds. All working 100% each set of two has its own bec to power the receiver. I also have the programming box. They literally work as new and have never overheated (thermal shutdown) ever. They never really get too hot at all.

PM me if interested. I’m in Canada and have had many flawless transactions through the forum. We can also chat here if you wish to keep it public.


The durability of the Maytech VESCs is not stated. I information I learned are from users posting their experiences here. The issue is Maytech does not install the bootloader on the VESC and FOC function may result if DRV error. It’s why I don’t recommend it.