Need 10S BMS 40A w/ e-switch

Ok, good to know. I will stick to simple lipo alarms to monitor voltage of each lipo cell during discharge instead of opting for a 12s BMS. Already have a balance charger. Monitoring would be simple. If it beeps, stop riding :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok i cant reach these guys … also emailed lucy as i have been reading you guys‘ posts.

are there any other ‚good‘ options that are available within europe or asia, and possibly have an e-switch?

Also for the bestech id still have to buy a simple e-switch right?

hey there- do you think i could also fit a 7s3p in the same enclosure? :slight_smile:

I think a 10s2p would be better than a 7s3p

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why do you think so? my reasoning is the following:

  1. 7s3p should have more range than 10s2p. my brother prefers range over speed
  2. 3p means less voltage sag (based on the few calculations i did in this post )
  3. i want to order the bms and charger from alien because it saves me money and time, but they do not have 10s in stock and id have to wait for a month…

Range is determined by watt hours. 10s2p 20 cells 42.0 v x 6 ah = 252.0 wh 7s3p 21 cells 29.4 v x 9 ah = 264.6 wh The 7s has slightly higher watt hour but not enough to make a real difference. I would estimate about a half mile. As far as voltage sag, 10s2p 60a discharge 7s3p 90a discharge But at 7s you will draw more current than at 10s. so it’s a trade off. P=ie Power = current x voltage. 1000w / 29.4v = 34a 1000w / 42.0v = 23a

10s give close to the same range but will also provide extra power and speed if needed. 10s is much more common so it’s easier to find chargers bargain prices for 10s.

I would not suggest buying bms from Alien, Someone else on this forum bought one from them and it was not a Bestech and it did not come with instructions. In the end the buyer regretted buying it.


This is what Bestech answered me:

Hi Florens

Thanks for being interested in BesTech BMS.

Our Germany office do not have any stocks, you can buy from us directly.

Attached are the datasheet and quotation fry.

Kindly check.

* We have more than 30,000 different PCM/BMS designs, we cannot upload all to our site, please email us if you can not find what you need on our site.

Thanks With Best Regards

Miss Donna MOK (Sales Assistant)

That’s a shame. Thanks for trying.

Hey @Namasaki, so i was wondering something: The Bestech BMS’ are compatible with both LiPo and Li-Ion batteries and on the data sheet it says adjustable. If I ever decide to buy 5 Lipos with 60c discharge for crazy hill climbing like you in your thread, will i be able to adjust the BMS somehow? Or do i have to specify it to Bestech before my purchase? Cheers!

The specifications are factory set per order.

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Thats unfortunate to hear, but thanks for letting us know!

I have a 8s bestech new for lipo if that’s any good to u

Are you in Europe? I’d be interested because i wouldnt have any use for the 2nd one that id have to order anyways :slight_smile:

I am and I was only in Berlin last week end I’ll get a price for u tonight I’m in ireland

Ahh what a shame- could have met a fellow esk8er :wink: Cool mate, looking forward to hearing from you

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Have u any boards up and running

yup my diy and a blink s2 :wink:

And I have a metroboard with a 20 mile battery

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Inc vat i paid 140 for 2 65 inc shipping if u want it

huh why did you pay 140? I was thinking to get this one:

They said it would cost 29$ so thats 32,49 Euros x 2 = 64,98. So for 65 I could get two … Ok i know id have to pay for shipping still :smiley: But i think then ill rather have 2