Need 3d print angled riser matrix ll

Searching some in the us and able to ship in canada please , need 10 degree

Why does is specifically need to be for matrix 2? Any wedge that uses your mounting hole dimensions will work.


longboard riser ? fews month ago i already ask this question but i forget it thanks ! but still i need to find some in the US

Amazon search “angled riser pads”

can’t find 10 degree and also most of sellers doesn’t ship to canada

sellers like that still exist?

yes !! i don’t know why maybe some sellers are from the 51% of the american vote for trump so maybe they consider me as a invader like the mexican peoples :joy::rofl:

Just to be clear the 51% is an electoral vote, not a popular vote. You are very welcome here :slight_smile:

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i’m just kidding :rofl:

Etoxx @Nowind have some that are specifically for MBS if you want to go top shelf

Other wise flatland 3d have some too that are more affordable but are longboard profile :slight_smile:

Thanks but l don’t see any angled riser from flatland website

Its literally the link I have on the post. Wedge risers :wink:

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Sorry but i need 10 degree riser

Do you have access to a 3d printer?

Good evening , no buta friend of mine

That’s always an option if you know howto design.

Or check

I prefer buying my friend is very busy . maybe cutting some hard maple wood block will do the trick

Absolutely will work fine

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You can stack them you know…