Need a battery solution for my next build

Im just tiered of looking for lipos and liions… I have a box in dimensions of 23,5 x 18,5 x 7 cm and im trying to find a battery that will fit inside

Currently I have a 10s4P pack and Im not pleased with the range, so much that Im planning to get a gasoline scooter lol at the price of just the battery for a skate…

But building skates is fun and Im going to go with it

The 12Ah I get now is not enough… Im looking for 20+Ah battery and the only ones who make huge batteries are multistars and their C rating is exaggerated…

Do you have any recommendations? Maybe something is not on HK, I know some guy bought a HUGE lipo i think from france or something like a smaller firm?

Or I should make a 12s7p pack out of 25r…

If i calculate the surface of the box thats 41400mm2 and if I look a 18650 cell as a square and its surface is 18,5 squared that gives me space for 127 cells in the box standing vertically

Thats like a 10P pack right there lol. Am I doing something wrong here?

I am actually interested in a long range board too, 18650 from the top has 342.25mm2 so the total cells next to each other 120.96 so 12S10P should be doable but that would be 4.2kg just the pack :smiley:

Do not care about the weight, its a trampa board, bare board without any electronics and bindings is like 8-9kg. So 2x 6374 thats another 2x 850 + 5kg battery with enclosure VESCs, bms, bindings should be another 8kg or so

So 16kg for a board with trucks that count as an handle is pretty okay for me :smiley:

There is this firm which is a bit expensive in UK but they batteries are true spec as far as I know.

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Yea, kinda super expensive if you ask me lol

6s 20Ah from them I can get the a 12s12p and a spotwelder :smiley:

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But yeah I know your feel… I have a lipos which fit in many boxes but there is no space for bms or etc :smiley:

you can to a LiPo Pack by yourself. just buy the LiPo bags with the exact dimensions for your box and solder them together

nah, li ion will give me way bigger discharge and simpler setup. and a lot more options to pick from

li ion do NOT have a higher discharge than lipo cells.

check these cells

i my opinion for a high range build you will need lipo cells, because of the stored power.

Find me a 20Ah lipo setup that will fit in the enclosure i have and not cost more than 300$ and be able to deliver 160A constant.

For the lipo cells you linked i would need 1100$+ shipping taxes and whatnot (a little bit too much dont you think?)

Also I would have to solder them and that’s a lot messier than just welding a square pack. Unless there’s a “complete” pack out there im going with LiIons

dude what, what motor do you use when you’re dragging 160A


well, since i do not know how much money you’re willing to spent i wanted to give you opinions since you said you heard something about a big lipo.

since i not really understand what you are asking for right now, you asked for battery solutions does this mean other cells than 18650 LiIon, or the arrangement of the cells or […]?

well then do a 12S7P 25R but with these cells you wont have 160A cont. discharge not even 140 because they are rated higher than they can deliver…

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1000$ for a battery is just ridiculous in my opinion. Also Samsung is know for “underrating” their cells an not over rating them lygate made a test on them and proven 20A, will do a small research today to know them in the details

Im going to use 2x 6374 Im riding them aggressive at 70A per motor

Im looking for a reasonably prices battery thats big :smiley: And I probably just found it

what did you find?

also, check moochs bench on the 25R

“Bottom Line A true 20A continuous discharge current (CDR) cell with good capacity that runs at moderate temperatures. This cell deserves its good reputation.”

do not know what are you reading lol

it says right there its 20A

7x20=140A or in a 8p pack its 160A

yeah true it is 20A my bad i thought it was lower. but above 20A the cell will get extremely hot and will not deliver the power

but you will never ever draw 140A continously.

Samsung Q30 would be a better cell for you People say that ones they’re rated. and whats wrong with HK you don’t like Turingiy cells? there having good sales atm just keep your eyes peeled for a good 8ah lipo deal.

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Yea…i have a 12ah 30q atm and its not enaugh. Im looking for something around 20ah

Wouldn’t the same battery with a bit More in parallel satisfy? Li-on Vs lipo Lipo has high amperage and is cheap (good choice for 20 km range) but If you’ll have 7p Maybe go with Li-on

Im disgusted by even searching for the fucking lipos lol

I would have to get 4 huge lipos to get 20a and 12s and thats way more expensive and wont fit. And the only option of 10ah is i think multistar and they suck if i remember well

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