Need a custom longboard?

Just letting you know im not making them and im not apart of this company but the guy who owns this company is great! I am in the process of getting a custom board made as i have been finding it difficult to get a board to match my liking but fit my electronics until i stumbled across him. Before you think of its custom so it must cost alot of money which is what i would of though but they are only $199 New Zealand dollar + shipping. He has different shapes and designs online, he can do different length WB, different widths, kick tail, no kick tail, micro kick tail etc. He can use maple or maple/fiberglass, i have even seen him play with carbon fibre! The more you get done like extra custom work i think he charges abit extra but i got custom width and shape with vlam and micro kick tail for only $199 nzd which i think is a great price so i am giving him a shot out :slight_smile: and best of all the boards are made for down hill and ive seen people go alot faster then our eboards will go. I will update this when i get the board (about 2 weeks) and show you what it is like. He doesnt have prices online but you just email him or contact him via facebook which is alot faster. Here are some links if you are interested :slight_smile:


Have you seen ?

Whats custom about them?? just the print??

I can confirm that Ant from Acid is the man, but I think he’s thinking of closing his company down in the coming months due to lack of business in the local scene, so if anyone wants to help him out, he’s known for solid build quality and customer service round this way.

I hope you guys really try to keep him going …

Getting a custom board done is so awesome…and if he can cater to the Esk8 community…like adding recess areas in the board for electronics and batteries…could lead him to bigger and better things

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i didnt know that! He said he was busy and moved the time of my board forward from just talking to him. I hope that is not true as the boards look really great for such a good price.

Would be great but there is not enough eboarders her in New Zealand, i bet he would give it a go with making an enclosure as well for the right $$ maybe my next board i can see if he will make me one like that.

I should of said, he does ship world wide :slight_smile:

Maybe he can come up with something new like sheep grip…soft yet grippy lol

Haha… hey someone didnt confuse us for ausies for once lol

Yeah you guys would have Roo-grip…bouncy yet grippy lol :joy:

oh snap haha

Not custom deck but have sooo many choices of Decks to choose from !

…$25.00,…or $200.00 your choice?

Bouncy yet grippy


Most of the customizable decks are starting at $65 usd which turns out to another price after you customize it?? Dont get confused with usd to nzd, if it was in usd it would be around $140ish and i would rather go with with the $200 deck as you are getting exactly what you want plus they have been tried and tested at 80+kph speeds

i would say things about usa boards but dont know if its appropriate :-p atleast you are mocking the aussies haha


No problem bro , …was just a suggestion,

All good :slight_smile: funnily enough the boards you showed me would actually cost me more to buy as im from New Zealand which is where the acid boards are made :slight_smile:

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Is any body interested in 6mm thick eva foam soft deck grip? Any size and design possible. Also comes with sticky back.