I’d say take note of your current settings and use the same ones so you can compare the feeling


allright, yeah i’l try the same settings then. thanks.

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I can also test this when I get home. My hummies are considered small diameter but I have noticed this.

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@Deodand yup that fw fixed it. Completely smooth braking down to 0 mph. im uploading a video now. Nice Work!


looks like 97mm wheels?

i have no braking issues on foc up to 107mm wheels but can’t wait to try it regardless.

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107mm wheels. i did have braking issues before this. i just always jumped of the board for the last few mph. it was never this smooth. and yeah someone else should try it to confirm.

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i can revert my firmware to do a before and after. but id have to crack open the enclosure again.

i think that’s still a very good sign. @Deodand may have done it again.


@Deodand this is exciting development work. :grinning:

I just want to reiterate that I get this issue in BLDC too, so I am wondering if the code pieces your modifying are exclusivley used during FOC?

If not maybe there is a similar code issue under BLDC mode?

Id love to help test but I dont have a unity.

Keep up the good work. :ok_hand:

Never heard of this being an issue in BLDC, are you using sensored or unsensored?

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Sensored. 5065 dual 140kv, 2:1 gearing, 12s lipo, 97mm wheels with 4.12 maytech vescs.

I was able to get rid of the problem with the old firmware that had an option to reduce the max brake eprm number. But that option is missing in the newer firmwares.

Yeah this will only fix the issue in FOC. Probably won’t spend the time to debug BLDC as my familiarity with the code is lower and FOC is the future :smile:


I have installed the test firmware on my board, though I didn’t notice a problem braking previously.

  • 140kv, 15T->72T -> 200mm diameter wheels. 25A braking.
  • much stronger braking at low speed than previously.
  • vibration at very low speed as the board comes to a stop. Is it possible that the Unity is oscillating between braking modes. I notice you have added hysteresis, maybe there isn’t enough.

I can make a video if you like, anything else you would like me to modify? not sure if the test firmware has a different version number, but I suggest you change version number, could be helpful especially if you need 5 beta revisions tested before official release.

yeah I didn’t iterate firmware version only because it would make the configuration app unable to connect, this will definitely et a bump in rev number.

There’s a small amount of vibration as it hops between modes for me at very low speed but its pretty minor. How severe is it on your board? My guess is I can figure out how to tune it out once I collect some data.

You feel stronger braking at low speed? This is strange. Is it strong in a bad way? Like it unnexpectedly increases or just stays more consistent at low speed?

Yeah I didn’t feel any vibrations or stronger braking. Just smoother overall braking.

I am trying to install the new firmware on the unity and right as it finishes it disconnects and now I am not able to get the motors to spin. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Are you getting the invalid serial port error?

Where would it say that, It connects just fine and when I go to download the firmware it writes it but when it finishes writing it just disconnects

Disconnecting is normal. Look on the bottom right corner when you try to reconnect. See if there is a error.