Need a focbox unity

Need a unity, I know some of you hoarders have some in hand. I’ll pay the black market price. Lmk

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you still looking?

It’s been nice knowing you bro :pleading_face:


Got one thanks homie

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415 341 2281 I need one as well. hit me up

ME too! Need one!

i have one

Don’t post phone numbers on public things…

Looking for a unity as well :slight_smile:

If anyone would go for $280 shipped, hit me with that PM!

EDIT: sold to @drangboards !!

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I just send paypal. Thanks Zach, hope you’er legit AF, and I’m stoked to have my Raptor back.

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Still looking for one of these bad boys.

Zach is legit. he sent me a free android phone along with the unity. Good jerb dood. Now it’s time to find a replacement controller since both USB ports broke on my nano Xs.


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Mini remote. Cheap and reliable.


Ah I didn’t though we could find one this easily. Does anyone sell one in europe?

Ben do you have a link?

There’s a load on ebay, here’s one in the UK. @drangboards https:///products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller Lots on eBay in the US as well I’d expect.

Someone in tie us needs to sell these so we can get them fast. I can’t wait that long in this case. I’d also like thumb control…

Oh, I was talking about the unity, sorry.