Need a high C 3s/4s LiPo and a charger EU

Id like to take them off someones hands rather than ordering from HK I need a 3s 5Ah 30+C lipo and a lipo charger so if you have any of these in EU post here or pm me, this is going to be used for spot welding. New or used, i do not care

EU Warehouse Hobbyking several day delivery?

around 2 weeks, im just asking here because someone might have some of this and do not need it :slight_smile:

I once had to send a phone from Ireland to the UK And We could not find postal services that would ship the phone due to a li-on cell inside.

So some people might have trouble shipping Lipos to you, Please explain why you don’t want to order from HK?

Im going to order from hk if no one sells it here, hk takes about 2 weeks to deliver to me, and i would prefer to take the stuff from some guy, most of us have a shit ton of stuff but no proper space to store it so everything is in a mess

I got 3s 8000 mAH 30c cells for 27 euros each, just start looking for deals.

cool, thats a good price

i found 5ah 40c for 40$ i think this one will suit me best and this 5$ charger

@Acido can you linked the Lipos you found? If your worried about someone snatching your deal PM me. Edit: never mind that)

Output Current: 800mA (Max) that charger won’t even charge at 1 amp. your can safely charge your batteries at 3amps!

i do not use lipos, so i do not care how long will my spotwelder charge :smiley:

For that welder I used some 5amp hour and what I think were 30c and found it would do better with more juice. Was told to put more in parallel. Was doing 4s

I edited the thread title for you, maybe consider 4s too, should you want to weld copper. I’m thinking of using copper strips a la chaka for my next battery weld with narrow nickel strips as fuses, they should weld well

I got a almost new 60W hobbyking charger here in Holland. it’s up to 4s

I would recommend to use real fuse wire instead of nickel, and all the strips i found were like 5x the price of nickel, IMO its not worth it

This should work well right?

My reasoning behind using nickel instead of fuse wire is that given the thickness you can determine the current rating just as well as fuse wire, although fuse wire may be better at burning up quickly granted.

with nickel there is the advantage of being able to weld it instead of busting out the soldering iron for that bit…maybe not a big deal but when there are 60 anodes it all adds up.

Once you determine the width of the nickel strip to use then just weld the strip as normal to the anode and put a nick widthways to a determined mm & this will limit the current rating of the strip

i.e notch the strip

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Ok I jumped down a rabbit hole there on fuse wire material, I’m not a Tesla fanboy by any means, but I appreciate their design methodology.

Here’s what they use for fuse wire - 0.28mm aluminium

A bit of chem goes in that material choice afaik, aluminium is a great conductor but will melt/burn quickly when you pass it’s rating. That makes it good fuse material and why automotive blade fuses are also made of aluminum

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Now I’m confused

would this battery work nicely?

that will definitely be ok for the welder+ you can weld copper with 4s…

and when you finish welding then buy two more packs and you have another esk8 battery pack

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So does anyone have a 4a charger?? I do not like the HK offer