Need a little battery help for my friend’s board

Hey guys i need yourhelp for batteries !!

Here’s the pitch : My firend fried his winboard

And he asked me to repair the board , the ESC is completely fried so i decided to replace it with a spare ESC from DIYboard i have laying around.

But i have a problem since the charging of the battery goes thru the ESC on the winboard one and it’s not the case on DIYeboard design

Where do I need to resolder the 2 charging wires ? Into the negative /postive lead of battery ? Or on the BMS ! Help me out plz :slight_smile:

If the ESC fried, I would suggest checking the battery for any defects. That would be first, second you’ll probably need a BMS to charge the battery from now on.

The ESC fried because the capacitor broke due to excess of vibration and bad soldering I think there’s a BMS in the blue pack I’ ll tear it down and check

He told me as well that he tried to resolder the capacitors then he tried to plu the battery pack and there was a spark