Need a push power button

I have another question. This is also Lipo related. I’m creating a battery box and want to install a led push power button. But they are rated for 12v and I will be putting in four 6000mah 6s lipos. Also putting 2 series connector so I then will have two 12s lipos.

So my question is, do I need a voltage regulator to down the power so i don’t burn up the led power button? If so, have any links for one?

Or is there one for eBoards?

How much power will be flowing through the button? It is just to turn on a BMS or e-switch, or are you intending to draw a significant amount of power?

If you will use it an on/off switch, you should just use a xt90(s) loop key, but If you abselutely need a high tech button Go for the vedder anti spark seith

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4 6s lipos running in 2 series. So two 12s power

Have you checked this kind of thing: ? I think it’s perfect for you.

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If you want just the push power button, I have a couple.

Thanks louwii! I’m just not sure which one to get, lol. I will be running two 60xx 118kv motors with four 6000 6s lipos (two in series, so it will be two 12s lipos)

Ask @goldenHusky, he makes them :wink: And he’ll be more knowledgeable than me